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Using Prosper202's New Deferred Pixel Technology To Fire 3rd party Pixels Via S2S Postbacks

One of the best ways to optimize campaigns quickly is to use the pixels from your traffics sources such as Facebook, Google, Quora and more.

Prosper202 has the ability to piggy back the firing of unlimited 3rd party pixels using the Universal Smart Pixel.

Unfortunately, when you are working with campaigns that only use server side postback urls for conversion tracking, you are not able to fire client side pixels the normal way.

With our new Deferred Pixel Technology, we have created a communications link between the back end server and the browser.

This means that Prosper202 is able to send near realtime notifications of conversion back to the browser which can then dynamically inject the pixel into the page.

To get started with the new Deferred Pixel, you'll first have to setup your traffic sources pixels on step 1. These pixels are the ones that will be injected into the page dynamically.

Currently, Prosper202 is only able to inject pixels into the page, when they are setup as raw pixels. You setup raw pixels by pasting the pixel code directly into the page as is without having to modify it. Here's an example of how to get setup with the Facebook pixel into Prosper202.

Once setup, the next step is to grab you landing page code. The javascript in the landing page is how the page communicates with the server. The code for this has been updated so if you have old code on your page, please regenerate the code and replace the code currently on your landing page.

Here's an example of the new landing page JavaScript code with the Deferred Pixel functionality enabled.

<script src="//prosper.202/tracking202/static/landing.js?lpip=417&defpixel=1" id="t202js" async></script>

Next, you will need to grab your tracking link from step 8. Here's an example link


Finally, get your postback url from Step 9 and place that in your network's postback input area. Each network works differently, so ask your publisher manager if you need help finding where to put your postback and how to format it correctly.


To access this new functionality, simply upgrade to Prosper202 1.9.52 or higher.