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Using Facebook's New Conversion Pixel with Tracking202 & Prosper202

Today Facebook made their conversion tracking pixel available to all advertisers, up until now it was in limited beta with a few selected partners.

Even though you have access to conversion Tracking for Facebook ads with Tracking202 and Prosper202's pixels, using Facebook's pixel allows you to enhance and optimize your campaigns even further when you use the Optimized CPC bidding method.

For example Fab was able to reduce reduced its CPA for new customers by 39% and the Democratic Governors Association was able to use the conversion pixel to reduce the cost of list sign-ups by 85%.

That's because Facebook is able to use the pixels and cookies to identify and show ads to people who are more likely to convert.

Additionally only Facebook's pixel can allow you to track conversions even if someone clicks on an ad on the desktop and the converts on mobile or vice versa

Here's how to integrate Facebooks pixel withProser202 to take advantage of all the benefits