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This simple tweak produces huge results

If you live in Your City, you must read this now!

One of the simplest and most profitable conversion boosters you can make to a funnel or landing page is to add geo location data to personalize the experience.

In fact, just recently I read a post on Neil Patel's blog where he mentions he was able to add an extra $187,000 in revenue from this simple tip.

"By inserting the visitor's location into the website copy ..., I was able to boost sales for a few of my businesses. It didn't help a ton, but it did bring in an extra $187,000 in revenue."

But adding geo-location data to your pages usually involves writing code, something that prevents many marketers from leveraging this simple yet effective technique.

So in Prosper202 Pro, we created Dynamic Content Segment which use what you already know about HTML to provide a simple way to display geo location and more on your landing pages.

Apart from adding the tags in the spot where you want the dynamic content to display, there are no additional changes needed. Once you install Prosper202 Pro, all your landing pages gain Smart Data Component functionality.

Currently Dynamic Content Segments can dynamically display the following information on your landing pages

  • Visitor's Country - t202Country
  • Visitor's Country Code - t202CountryCode
  • Visitor's Region/State - t202Region
  • Visitor's City - t202City
  • Visitor's Postal/Zip Code - t202Postal
  • Visitor's Browser - t202Browser
  • Visitor's Operating System - t202OS
  • Visitor's Device Type - t202Device
  • Visitor's ISP - t202ISP
  • Value passed in t202kw - t202kw
  • Value passed in C1-C4 - t202c1, t202c2, t202c3, t202c4
  • Value passed in utm_source - t202utm_source
  • Value passed in utm_medium - t202utm_medium
  • Value passed in utm_term - t202utm_term
  • Value passed in utm_content - t202utm_content
  • Value passed in utm_campaign - t202utm_campaign
New In Prosper202 1.9.51
  • Current Day of Month- t202DayOfMonth
  • Current Day of week - t202DayOfWeek
  • Current Day of week short eg: Mon - t202DayOfWeekShort
  • Current Month - t202MonthOfYear
  • Current Month Short eg Mar- t202MonthOfYearShort
  • Current Year - t202Year
  • Current Year Short eg 18 - t202Year

So how easy is it to display the visitor's country on your landing page? Here's the html for it

Welcome I see you are reading this from <span name="t202Country" t202Default='Your Country'>Your Country</span>

And it outputs:

Welcome I see you are reading this from Your City in Your Country

You can use any html element, however spans are best because they are inline elements. This means you won't get an extra line break added to the output.

To change what's actually displayed you would change the "name=" value to the content you want to display. For example here's another example showing how to show the current city.

Current Day: <span name="t202DayOfWeek" t202Default=''></span> <span name="t202MonthOfYear" t202Default=''></span>
<span name="t202DayOfMonth" t202Default=''></span> <span name="t202Year" t202Default=''>
</span>. I hope the weather in <span name="t202City" t202Default='Your City'>Your City</span> is nice!

This outputs:

Current Day: . I hope the weather in Your City is nice!

The t202Default value is used as a fallback for when the location or dynamic value can't be determined. So you won't have messages with blank spots that confuse the visitor.

As you see adding dynamic content via our new Dynamic Content Segments feature, allows you to build highly personalized pages, with no programming skills. Additionally there's nothing further you have to do to get this work. Once you are on Prosper202 Pro, all your landing pages are automatically enabled and ready to go.

Quick FAQ

Q: Can I easily upgrade my current version of Prosper202
A: Yes, Prosper202 Pro is a drop in replacement for the free prosper202. Once you upgrade it will convert all your settings to the new version and even port over your old data. Once it's ported, you will enjoy all the benefits we posted about above as well as blazing fast reporting.

Q: Is Prosper202 Pro hosted on your servers?
A: No Prosper202 Pro is still fully self-hosted just like the version of Prosper202 you are using right now and have used for many years.

Q: Will I still have access to the source code?
A: Absolutely, There's not a single line of encrypted code in Prosper202 Pro. You get access to the full source code to modify to fit your needs as you see fit.

Q: How about support?
A: Every single license of prosper202 Pro come with support directly from the development team. You'll get direct access to someone who's knowledgable and able to resolve your issues quickly. No clueless outsource teams here who will only frustrate you further.

To access this new functionality, simply upgrade to Prosper202 1.9.49 or higher.