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The Tracking202 Mafia Strikes Again

A while ago I wrote about the Tracking202 Mafia. (aka all the former Tracking202 employees doing awesome stuff)

Today I'm super happy to share the news of a huge acquisition of TapIt!, a mobile advertising platform co-founded by Justin (better know as Mr Affbuzz).

Many of you may have already worked with TapIt! over the years. I'm not surprised, Justin was and is super smart. He was also often the first person in to the office/house202 to wake Wes up :D

I've said it multiple times and I'll say it again. Many of you reading this have everything it takes to do the same, but are unfortunately stuck in the affiliate mindset. Hopefully this will help you realize what's possible.

Read more about the sale on Techcrunch

Here's an interview I did with Giancarlo, CEO of TapIt during ad:tech SF last year