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Setting Up An A/B Split-Test With Prosper202 Pro

We've had a built-in way to simply rotate offers in Prosper202 for a while now, however the ability to easily split-test things such as landing pages, or assign different weights to the individual links and offers was a little more complex and often involved manually editing a php script of some sort.

A New Fully Integrated Advanced Split-Tester

In Prosper202 Pro, split testing is now natively built in. You now have a beautiful and intuitive user interface to interact with, which makes setting up your split-test simple and quick.

You are able to mix and split-test an unlimited combination of campaigns, landing pages and urls, this means we are able to create any test you can think of and have it up and running in minutes.

Look At How We Setup An A/B Test With No Coding

In this tutorial video below we'll show you how to setup an A/B test and generate your tracking link.