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Prosper202 Pro: Now a Must Have for Advertisers and Product Creators

Traditionally Prosper202 has been geared towards affiliates running offers with CPA networks. But how about the people on the other side of the equation? I'm talking about the advertisers/Product creators

How do you quickly setup offers with the CPA Networks, track sales coming from each network, fire conversions with the correct attribution (no duplicate commissions), keep track of your numbers and see what's working and what's not?

The Simple Solution You Didn't Know You've Been Looking For

Today we are happy to announce that with Prosper202 Pro you can easily integrate your offers with the network's HasOffers or CAKE setup so data passed back from the network can be tracked, analyzed and optimized in Prosper202 Pro simply. Did we mention all of this happens on servers that you control so no one else sees your confidential and proprietary data?

Track Performance

You'll be able to run reports on performance by network, and the individual affiliate ids for affiliates working with your CPA network partners. This means you can keep an eye on quality on an individual level, and be able to ask networks to shutoff a particular affiliate or even the source id of a specific affiliate.

Get more leads and sales for your offers

As an advertiser managing an offer with Prosper202 Pro, you are also eligible to promote your offers to the entire Prosper202 user base. Affiliates are always on the lookout for the latest and best offers, and we'd like to help you get your offers promoted by some of the best affiliates in the industry. Here's how it works. Let's say you have your offer running on Awesome CPA Network Inc. You can run a campaign targeting only affiliates that already run traffic with Awesome CPA Network Inc, this gives your offer visibility and boost it needs to get sales flowing. For an even bigger reach, you can run a promotion to all Prosper202 users even if they don't already work with Awesome CPA Network Inc. With Prosper202 being the most popular tracking solution in the industry, you are sure to grab the attention of the biggest and best publishers for your offer.

The cool thing about this new offer promotional system is that, it's highly targeted, and timely. With a traditional email promotion, it's not as effective because if an affiliate reads about your offer while they are mobile, they would have already forgotten to setup a test for you by the time they get to their computers to work. With our in-app promotion, publishers will see your offer when they are actively running and managing campaigns inside their Prosper202 accounts. This increases engagement, and the chances that a publisher will actually setup a test for your offer right away.

Reduce costs and fustration

With our universal smart pixel you can setup one container tag that will dynamically load up the pixels for the network that generated the sale. This means that if you are working with multiple networks, you won't be accidentally firing all their pixels and potentially paying twice for the same conversion. This alone can save you tens of thousand in headaches and lost profits.

CPA Networks benefit too

We already talked about how advertisers can also do their part to get traction to the offers they have running with your network. This is something that you could offer as an exclusive benefit for advertisers running offers with you. Additionally, when an advertiser is using Prosper202 Pro as their backend system, we also offer support and hand holding during the offer setup process. This means that the time it takes to get an offer up and running generating leads can be substantially reduced. Your team will spend less time dealing with technical issues and more time on the tasks that generate revenue.

Hey Advertisers! We'll integrate your first offer for Free!

We are so confident you will love the flexibility and power of Prosper202 Pro that we will work with you to get Prosper202 Pro setup on your server and fully integrated with the CPA Network you're working with at no additional cost. This is a minimum value of $2500, and could be more depending on the complexity of your integration. Our only two requirements for this promotion are

1. You must have a quality offer that provides real value to end users 2. You must be working with one of the top networks listed here

PS: We've created limited time custom 20% discount codes for all the networks listed above, so before you purchase Prosper202 Pro, make sure to contact your account rep for the discount code. If they don't have one yet to share with you, have them email or click this link [email protected] for their custom code.

You can get a 30 day FREE trial of Prosper202 Pro and start managing and growing your offers in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Quick FAQ

Q: How many offers can I manage with Prosper202 Pro?
A: We have absolutely zero limits on the number of offers you can setup and integrated with CPA networks you work with.

Q: Is all my data really secure?
A: That's a great questions. We understand many of you have a need to keep your proprietary data away from prying eyes. Because Prosper202 Pro is trusted by thousands of users for 8 plus years, 100% open source and fully self-hosted, you know that there's nothing malicious hidden in the code, additionally unlike a SaaS solution, everything stays on your own servers that you have full control over

Q: Can you help me get setup?
A: We'd love to! During the introductory period, all eligible advertisers and product creators can have one offer setup and fully integrated with the network of their choice at no additional cost. This is a minimum value of $2500, and due to the expected popularity of this deal, we don't know how long we will keep this active for.

Q: Can I easily upgrade my current version of Prosper202
A: Yes, Prosper202 Pro is a drop in replacement for the free prosper202. Once you upgrade it will convert all your settings to the new version and even port over your old data. Once it's ported, you will enjoy all the benefits we posted about above as well as blazing fast reporting.

Q: Is Prosper202 Pro hosted on your servers?
A: No Prosper202 Pro is still fully self-hosted just like the version of Prosper202 you are using right now and have used for many years.

Q: Will I still have access to the source code?
A: Absolutely, There's not a single line of encrypted code in Prosper202 Pro. You get access to the full source code to modify to fit your needs as you see fit.

Q: How about support?
A: Every single license of prosper202 Pro come with support directly from the development team. You'll get direct access to someone who's knowledgable and able to resolve your issues quickly. No clueless out sourced teams here who will only frustrate you further.

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