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Prosper202 Pro Universal Smart Pixel Tag Manager Fires Multiple Types of 3rd Party Pixels

When working with 3rd party ad networks, publishers or services, you'll often have the need to fire pixels or Server-to-Server (S2S) Postbacks when a conversion is tracked in Prosper202 Pro

Until now, we had support to fire multiple 3rd party pixels or postbacks as long as they were of the same type. So you could fire unlimited image pixels, or unlimited 3rd party javascript pixels. However, if you wanted to fire an image pixel and a postback at the same time you couldn't do that until now.

We made a major upgrade that now makes our Universal Smart Pixel much more powerful and flexible. We've essentially built out a mini tag management system for conversion attribution. The system is able to automatically detect which traffic source generated the conversion and only load up the pixels defined for that traffic source. The benefits include:
  • Elimination of false conversions
  • Prevention of Cookie Data Leakage If you are an advertiser, this is quite a big deal. Read more about Data leakage
  • Faster page loads which ensures more conversion data is tracked and attributed

For example, we were recently working with a client that needed to be able to fire a Postback to the ad network and also fire a 3rd party fraud detection script. With this new change, you can easily setup Prosper202 Pro to fire both the Postback and the javascript.

Take a look at the New Interface

In the image above we have a Raw Pixel (Use this if you want to output complex pixel code, usually this is javascript based) and a Postback set. Both of them would fire once the Prosper202 Universal Smart Pixel Loads

We've also added more token support for any of the code and urls you use when setting up the Universal Smart Pixels. We now support the google gclid and all the utm variables. Prosper202 Pro will automatically store these values and also allow you to pass them to other systems. Here's a full list of all the previous tokens and all the new once we added.
  • [subid]]- The subid of the offer that converted
  • [[t202kw]] - The value of the t202kw variable from your tracking link
  • [[c1]] - The C1 value passed in the tracking link
  • [[c2]] - The C2 value passed in the tracking link
  • [[c3]] - The C3 value passed in the tracking link
  • [[c4]] - The C4 value passed in the tracking link
  • [[cpc]] - The cpc for the conversion. This value is rounded up to 2 decimal points
  • [[cpc2]] - The cpc for the conversion. This value is not rounded, and is ideal for ppv values
  • [[payout]] - They payout of the offer that just converted
  • [[random]] - A random 9 digit number, this acts like a cache buster
  • New [[gclid]] - Adwords gclid value if available
  • New [[utm_source]] - utm_source value if available
  • New [[utm_medium]] - utm_medium value if available
  • New [[utm_campaign]] - utm_campaign value if available
  • New [[utm_term]] - utm_term value if available
  • New [[utm_content]] - utm_content value if available

Quick Prosper202 Pro FAQ

Q: Is all my data really secure?
A: That's a great questions. We understand many of you have a need to keep your proprietary data away from prying eyes. Because Prosper202 Pro is trusted by thousands of users for 8 plus years, 100% open source and fully self-hosted, you know that there's nothing malicious hidden in the code, additionally unlike a SaaS solution, everything stays on your own servers that you have full control over

Q: Can I easily upgrade my current version of Prosper202
A: Yes, Prosper202 Pro is a drop in replacement for the free Prosper202. Once you upgrade it will convert all your settings to the new version and even port over your old data. Once it's ported, you will enjoy all the benefits we posted about above as well as blazing fast reporting.

Q: Is Prosper202 Pro hosted on your servers?
A: No Prosper202 Pro is still fully self-hosted just like the version of Prosper202 you are using right now and have used for many years.

Q: Will I still have access to the source code?
A: Absolutely, There's not a single line of encrypted code in Prosper202 Pro. You get access to the full source code to modify to fit your needs as you see fit.

Q: How about support?
A: Every single license of prosper202 Pro come with support directly from the development team. You'll get direct access to someone who's knowledgable and able to resolve your issues quickly. No clueless out sourced teams here who will only frustrate you further.

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