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FB Ads Mastermind Quick FAQs

  • Q: Do I need to buy Prosper202? A: No, your $202 monthly free includes a free license to Prosper202 self-hosted, or free managed hosted version on our servers.
  • Q: Is this ok for newbies? A: Yes, the first few months will be newbie friendly. So if you are just getting started now is the perfect time to join. Plus you get to lock in the low $202 a month price for 1 year. After the first year, you can lock in the $202 a month price as long as you generate 30 sales a month on our internal e-commerce offers. If not, the monthly price is $999 a month prorated based on the number of leads a month you have. So for example if you are at 15 sales you will pay half of $999.
  • Q: What if I'm an advanced FB marketer? A: Currently the content may be at a slow pace for you. But in 3-6 months we will be coving content that will be of value to you too. You can wait or lock in your low price now while it only $202 a month to join.
  • Q: When is the price going up to $599 a month? A: This $99 discount ends on Monday December 31st at midnight pst. If you join before then, you get to keep the $202 a month price for the first year as described above, even after the price goes to $599 a month or higher.
  • Q: Can I cancel any time? A: Yes you are on a month to month subscription. If at anytime you need to cancel, you can do so with no obligation. However if you want to join again, you will have to join at the current higher monthly pricing.
  • Q: Do I need to buy anything else? A: Not initially. Just domain names to host landing pages and prosper202. We'll provide cloud hosted prosper202 accounts if you need or a free license to Prosper202 if you want to self-host it. You will optionally need an ESP for list building.
  • Q: Can I benefit from this if I'm selling my own products? A: Yes you are goin to learn fundamental FB marketing material that will apply to both affiliates and product owners.
  • Q: Will you be teaching us how to cloak or use blackhat methods? A: Absolutely not! Don't waste your time and money if you are looking for blackhat marketing techniques. We'll only be focusing on sustainable longterm methods that are 100% compliant with Facebook's policies.
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