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Inside Look #2: New Prosper202 Universal Smart Pixel Fires 3rd party Pixels

Here's another in-depth look at one of the new features in Prosper202 1.7.

Let's say you are running a campaign with Plentyoffish and want to make use of their awesome demographic data they provide in their conversion reports. That's cool and all, but up until now you had to choose between the pof pixel and the prosper202 pixel. That's because a lot of networks only allow you to place one pixel per offer.

Now add the fact that you may be using multiple traffic sources to drive traffic to the offer, and all of them have pixels that can help you optimize your campaign. What now? Look at all this conversion data and intelligence you are missing out on...

Prosper202 1.7 To The Rescue... Again!

Feast your eyes on this.

You can now add a 3rd party pixel to your traffic sources. In the example above I'm using the pod conversion pixel in image form. We also support. Javascript, iframe and Postback (Server to Server) pixels. Note that you only have to enter the src (aka the url) of your pixel into Prosper202, don't enter the full code. So for example if your pof code is:

<img src="" style="display:none">

You would select image from the drop down and the paste the following into the pixel code spot:

Now repeat this for all the traffic sources with pixels then you are set. The only step left now is to grab your code for the Universal Smart Pixel (USP). What make it so smart? Glad you asked.

The prosper202 USP can actually intelligently determine the traffic source that generated the conversion in real time and select the correct pixel for the traffics source to attribute the conversion to.
This means that the page is not going to try load 10+ pixels in the hopes that one of the will fire. This is a huge performance increase and will ensure that your pixel loads before your leads leaves the conversion page. Unfired pixels are a major cause of inaccurate data and missed conversion information.

Other cool uses for the Universal Smart Pixel

Retargeting seems to be all the rage these days, and it with good reason. When done right, retargeting can boost ROI considerably. At this point, Prosper202 won't automatically place your retargeting pixels on your landing pages, soon it will, but it can be used to place a burn pixel for converted audience segments or automatically place them into a new converted segment.

The possibilities are quite extensive. So get your thinking caps on, and Prosper!