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Boost Your Conversions with New Prosper202 Universal Smart Pixel Features

Last month, I posted about how our Universal Smart Pixels we now even more powerful than before. At that time the new functionality was only available on the Tracking202 ClickServer SaaS. With the launch of the Self-Hosted Prosper202 ClickServer, you now get these powerful features in Prosper202 1.8.0+.

What problem does the Universal Smart Pixel Solve?

Many of the better ad networks and traffic source have conversion pixels that you can place on your conversion pages. If you are product owner, you'd usually just copy and paste the conversion pixel to your thank-you page and be done. For affiliates this is not always possible, some networks only allow one pixel to be placed. So then you are left to choose if you want your Prosper202 pixel placed, or your traffic source pixel.

With the Prosper202 Universal Smart Pixel, you can have Prosper202 intelligently load and fire 3rd party pixels along with your Prosper202 conversion pixel. When you do this, you now get to see conversion data in BOTH Prosper202 and your traffic source.

Even though Prosper202 gives you a lot of extra data to optimize with, there are situations where the only way to get access to the extra data points needed to further optimize your campaigns is to fire the the ad network's conversion pixel because many times this is used to power a built in optimizer. The Adwords Conversion Optimizer is a perfect example of this.

The reason we called it the Universal Smart Pixel is that it actually detects and only fires the pixel associated with the traffic source that generated the conversion. This ensures that your pixels load very quickly, and your conversions are accurately counted and attributed. You only have to place one pixel which works with all your traffic sources and campaigns. In the past marketers have created iframes containing every single conversion pixel from all the traffic sources they purchase traffic from, the problem with this was that it loaded up so many pixels that by the time everything loaded, the visitor may have already left the page. Also the mishmash of pixels increased the likelihood that a conflict would occur that could make the whole page lock up and cost you a conversion.

It gets better

When running mobile, it's not a good idea to depend on cookies alone because they don't always get set. The Universal Smart Pixel url double as a cookieless Server to Server post back system. This means you can now track mobile conversion accurately via what's called a pixel context, click id, or subid.

An example of a pixel context for Appnexus is ${SSP_DATA}, you can think of this as a subid of sorts. It's unique and dynamically generated on each ad click. When you want to fire a conversion in Appnexus, you would need to pass this value back to them via their post back or server to server url. You can use the C1-C4 variable to store this context into Prosper202 for later use. Here's an example of what this would look like on your tracking link, notice how I assigned the ${SSP_DATA} value to the c1 variable.${SSP_DATA}&t202kw=demoUSP

Now when a click comes in from Appnexus it will have a the context stored and available via the [[c1]] token.

To access the value of the context you'd setup the Universal Smart Pixel on step 1 like the following[[c1]]

When Prosper202 does the Server to Server call, it will replace [[c1]] with the context data that AppNexus sent. This will then let AppNexus know which visitor converted. We have a lot more tokens than just the [[c1]] token.

Here is the full list of tokens we support and the values they will be replaced with:

[[subid]] - The subid of the offer that converted
[[t202kw]] - The value of the t202kw variable from your tracking link
[[c1]] - The C1 value passed in the tracking link
[[c2]] - The C2 value passed in the tracking link
[[c3]] - The C3 value passed in the tracking link
[[c4]] - The C4 value passed in the tracking link
[[cpc]] - The cpc for the conversion. This value is rounded up to 2 decimal points
[[cpc2]] - The cpc for the conversion. This value is not rounded, and is ideal for ppv values
[[payout]] - They payout of the offer that just converted
[[random]] - A random 9 digit number, this acts like a cache buster

A walk through of everything we just covered

Here's a video I made showing how all this works. I used Adperium as an example.

The Prosper202 Self-Hosted ClickServer 1.8.0 is now a Premium Upgrade

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