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Benchmarking Our New BlazerCache Optimized Redirect Technology

Last monday we quietly launched our newest product. A hosted Tracking202 based on the Prosper202 1.8 codebase. It's our next step in bring you unparalleled Tracking202 performance with the most minimal setup and maintenance process ever.

Our New BlazerCache™ Optimized Redirect Technology

Today I want to talk to you more about BlazerCache™ , because it's a game changer. If you are serious about squeezing the maximum profits out of your campaigns, you know and understand the importance of ensuring blazing fast speeds at every step of your marketing funnel. This is particularly important for mobile, and I've even gone as far as telling people to consider even removing tracking202 once the campaign is optimized. With BlazerCache™, you won't have to do that anymore!

BlazerCache™ Is over 548x More Responsive (No Joke)

Here are a few benchmarks we did with over the weekend to give you an idea of what kind of performance we are talking about here. (Btw: If you are not already testing your sites/servers, with you should check them out. As you can see from the graphs below, the data provided is quite insightful for optimizing)

Important Note: All these tests were performed, on a very low end dev server. So these numbers just get better on high powered production servers.

Prosper202 Standard Setup - (This is Probably What You Have)

Hits/Day: 1,448,762
Avg Hit Rate: 16/second
Avg Response Time: 4.47 Seconds
Max Response Time: 8.93 Seconds
Lost Clicks: 2.62%

Prosper202 Enhanced With Memcached and a few more tweaks- (Some of you are on a setup similar to this, probably a little slower but close enough)

Hits/Day: 2,738,202
Avg Hit Rate: 31/second
Avg Response Time: 2.19 Seconds
Max Response Time: 4.45 Seconds
Lost Clicks: 0.39%

Prosper202 Enhanced With BlazerCache™ Optimized Redirect Technology- (Only Available On The New Hosted Tracking202)

Hits/Day: 19,862,752
Avg Hit Rate: 229/second
Avg Response Time: 8.15 Milliseconds
Max Response Time: 390 Milliseconds
Lost Clicks: 0.02%

Just For Fun - Prosper202 Enhanced With BlazerCache™ Optimized Redirect Technology- (250 concurrent hits over 60 seconds)

Hits/Day: 19,862,752
Avg Hit Rate: 229/second
Avg Response Time: 65 Milliseconds
Max Response Time: 390 Milliseconds
Lost Clicks: 0.02%

In the test above, instead of ramping up to 250 concurrent users, we did an immediate bust of 250 concurrent users over the course of 60 seconds.

A Few Questions

Q: Where can I download this new version of Prosper202
A: You can't right now, it's currently only available via our new Hosted Tracking202 service

Q: What! Why Can't I download it?
A: The first reason is the optimizations we did and continue to do are a mix of hardware and software (server and app code). This allows us to push changes out in real-time, and you'll just have them without doing anything on your end. Also due to what we've done, setting up the new release is not as "simple" as uploading the php to the server, setting up a mysql database and configuring a few things.

Secondly, is our change in business model. We evaluated everything and no matter how we look at it, we believe our current model doesn't scale. It's great for a one-two person company, but that's about it. In order to grow and serve you better, we are charging for premium services that will enable us to grow.

Q: Will there ever be a downloadable upgrade to Prosper202 1.7.2
A: Yes, we have bug fixes and feature that we will be launching soon. However, our main priority for new releases will be the fully managed hosted Tracking202 platform, followed by the the downloadable self hosted solution. But from this point on, the feature set of the two version will start to diverge.

Q: I don't want you to see my data and steal my campaigns, please just let me host it myself etc etc
A: We don't care about you data and campaigns in that way. Our main goal is to provide the best in affiliate tools and services to our users, and we've been trusted to do that since 2007. If you don't want to use our hosted platform, feel free to send us a donation and download the self-hosted version.