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Announcing Prosper202 Sentinel TQE - Click Fraud Prevention For Marketers


You just got an email from your affiliate manager, all the leads you sent for the past month were fraudulent.

The 5 figure profits you had been counting on, just turned in to a 5 figure loss.

The network won't pay you for the bad leads, and you've been kicked off the offer.

If only you had access to a click fraud prevention solution to know earlier that the traffic quality was fraudulent, you would have shut down the campaign before blowing through your marketing budget.

Introducing Your New Prosper202 Sentinel T.Q.E Click Fraud Prevention & Detection

Your new Sentinel Traffic Quality Enforcer (T.Q.E) is powered by IPQualityScore, the leading Real-Time Fraud Scoring tool for savvy marketers.

Your Sentinel T.Q.E automatically eliminates fraudulent and low quality clicks before they reach your offer. Ensuring you are never stuck with leads no one is willing to pay you for.

If you can copy and paste, you are more than qualified to get your Sentinel T.Q.E activated on your Prosper202 1.9.53 ClickServer in a matter of minutes.

4 Steps To Activate Your Sentinel T.Q.E

1. Your Prosper202 Sentinel T.Q.E is powered by IPQualityScore. You can Get Your Free IPQualityScore Account Here.

You'll get 5000 free lookup credits a month, and we have more bonus credit deals in the works for you as a Prosper202 user.

2. Copy your IPQualityScore API key

3. Paste it into Prosper202. It's under My Account -> 3rd party API Integrations

4. Setup your redirection rules, then sit back and relax because your Prosper202 Sentinel gets smarter with every click. It analyzes and works 24/7 automatically protecting your campaigns from low quality and fraudulent clicks.

Your Prosper202 Sentinel T.Q.E is now available in Prosper202 version 1.9.53

Upgrade Now or Purchase a license add click fraud prevention to your campaigns with your own Prosper202 Sentinel T.Q.E.