What's Better Than 10k A Month? $50,421 A Day!
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What's Better Than 10k A Month? $50,421 A Day!
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments

Quick Action Box - For People who want "Just the facts ma’am"
What: Type in your name and email here http://www.adbeat.com/webinar/t202 
Why: Because I’m going to really go out on a limb and say “I think you like money right?” 
WIIFM: I just got Mike to agree to teach you the same stuff he’s using to make $50k+ a day.

Last Month He Had a $50,421 Day

Remember how last year, I was telling you about the guy who went from over $100k in debt to doing over $4.5 million in revenue over the past few years? His name is Mike Colella, and he did it all by promoting affiliate offers, and get this, he often didn’t even use a website of his own. 

His Numbers are Much Much Bigger Now

Back then those numbers were pretty dang awesome, but the stuff he’s doing now make the past numbers pale in comparison.
He’s still consistently driving tons of clicks a day - over 100k that adds up to millions of clicks a month. I know what you are thinking, but no he’s not using PPV or pop ups for this, 
if he was I wouldn’t waste your time, because any average affiliate can get that volume of clicks on a cheap traffic source.

I Got Him To Reveal Everything To You - I’m trying to act like I did this just for you, when in reality I wanted this info for myself too!

You don’t know how many times I’ve said 
“Dude, I need to learn what you are doing!!!” 
I had some good days back when I was an active affiliate, but nothing remotely close to 50k in a single day. Oh did I mention he’s doing this without Google?
So anyway I got him to finally say yes, and he’s going to do a live training webinar where he’s promised to reveal the exact strategy responsible for the $50,421 day he recently had in March - I'm talking about March last month, not last year. (This is stuff that’s working right now)

Don’t Miss Out Because Demand For This Is Going To Be Huge

The response and feedback for Mike’s webinar last year was huge and wildly popular. So please register now, as we can only have 500 people live on the webinar. 
Here is what you will get in this webinar:
You will learn...
1. 5 “million-dollar” business models that are working RIGHT NOW with PPC/Media Buying (and how to pick the right one for you)
2. How to grow affiliate commissions to $50,000+ PER DAY in 4 months flat (starting from scratch)
3. How to successfully enter the most competitive markets (while spending as little as possible)

This is information he has rarely shared with others. 

Expect to walk away from this webinar with knowledge that you can use right away, just from the concepts he will cover.
PS - If you haven't already seen the Mixergy interview below, be sure to watch it before the webinar. It will help you retain more of the training because you’ll have a little more background on Mike and his methods.
Here's the Webinar Link Again for the 6th and final time - Plus it saves you from having to scroll all the way up!

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