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Nov 06, 2013

What do you want in the next version of Prosper202?

By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments
Can you do us a quick favor? Actually, we'd like you to help us help you. Hear's the deal, we've been working on the next major update of Prosper202 for some months now, and before we launch we'd like to make sure we have the most asked for and requested features and functionality included.

What started out as a quick bug fix release has turned into a full blown update. As it stands, all the bugs you have all reported in to us have been fixed.

We also went through the code and made a lot of performance optimizations. You'll notice the difference in the reporting interface when your stats pop up almost instantly and there are even more reporting performance updates on the roadmap.

Another area where you will notice huge performance gains is in the scalability of the entire platform. We took the knowledge gained from optimizing ClickServer202 and applied it to Prosper202. I will be posting benchmarks as we get closer to launch. For now check out some of the gains we got when building out the BlazerCache™ Optimized Redirect Technology for ClickServer202 Unfortunately we can't replicate the full performance of the BlazerCache™ Optimized Redirect Technology in the Prosper202 upgrade since it's a mix of Hardware and software optimizations, but we will be posting over as much of the software side of it as possible.

We expect many of you to see a substantial ROI boost just by installing the next version of Prosper202.

Talking about installing, once you upgrade your Prosper202, you will never have to deal with difficult upgrades anymore. Starting with this new version, we have an automated 1-click upgrade system much like what you are used to in Wordpress.

Enough talking, I want to hear from you!

So I said earlier that I'd like to have you help us, help you. So my question for you is:

If you could have only one new feature added to Prosper202 what would it be? I'd also like to hear your thoughts on why this feature is important to you.

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