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Two more reasons to Install SSL for Prosper202

I noticed Mike Chiasson (@lucidpsimc) has been posting a series of cool blog posts about the importance of having a SSL cert and installing SSL on your Prosper202 server.

Apart from the reasons he mentioned. Here are two more to consider.

More Referrer Data

Have you ever looked at your stats and seen a bunch of blank referrers? There are multiple reasons why this can happen, for example it could be a bot acting like a browser ora user with some sort of privacy protection add-on. But sometimes it's because the referring URL is secured via SSL.

Browsers automatically strip out the referrer info when from from https->http. Which means that if your redirect link is not secured the referrer info will not be available to Prosper202.

This also means that you can use this same fact to...

Reliably blank out referrer data

As you may have guessed, you can use this to blank out referrer data. For example if you have a secure landing page and send out clicks to an offer on a non-secure domain, the referrer information gets blanked out. We get our SSL certs from GoDaddy. I like to get the $199 wildcard SSL which allows it to be used on unlimited subdomains.