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Why Leads202 Is Not Self Hosted or Open Source

Ok I have to come clean, because so many people got excited about my last blog post about Leads202 going open source.

Worst Joke Ever!

That was basically the reaction from everyone when I told them it was an April fools joke. I mean what kind of a person tells their user base that the most exciting product they created is going to be free and open source only to tell them it's was a prank? Me!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Host Leads202 Yourself

So Leads202 is not going to be a free open source product. It's a cloud hosted Lead Generation Platform, fully supported, managed, updated, tuned and optimized by our team.

You Will Be Stuck On Old Releases

One big reason for going the hosted route is that we are rapidly adding new features. Sometimes a new feature is added every day, and because you are on a hosted platform, you use them all right when we release.

Admit it, you know you have copies of Prosper202 1.3.1 running on some of your servers. Prosper202 1.3.1 is over TWO YEARS OLD! It's not your fault, when I was an active affiliate I didn't keep my software up to date either. Which means I missed out on all the new ways to optimize and track.

BTW: If you are not running Prosper202 1.7.2 you are missing out. Stop being lazy and upgrade now.

Our cloud hosted Leads202 platform means you need have to worry about being on the old version any more. Wouldn't you rather focus 100% of your time and energy on marketing instead of trying to deal with the hassles of maintaining the tech the powers your business?

You Will Spend Hours Or Days Being Stuck

Your business is dynamic and fast paced. Money waits for no one, and when your campaigns are down due to a technical issue, it means lost revenues and profits.

Do you want to wait around in some forum waiting for someone to help you? Or would you rather jump on a Skype call with the development team (me and the crew)

Open source software if free because there's usually no support or you pay hourly for support. Some people are cool with figuring out everything but the majority of people we've felt with are not that technical.

You Will Loose Money Because You Are Cheap

If I got $1 for everyone who hosted Prosper202 on an under powered server and then complained about it, I could retire right now just living of the interest on all the money I got.

It seems like no matter how many times we try to highlight the importance of speed and powerful servers, there are people who will still try to skimp on servers until something bad happens. Trust me something will go wrong, you WILL loose money, and you WILL be unhappy with your cheapness.

When you get a Leads202 account, you will be backed by highly scalable cloud based servers architected to yawn at whatever traffic you can possibly throw at it. In short, it's smooth sailing from day one and you can rest assured knowing you are not loosing any of the traffic you paid for because your server was too slow to handle it.

Ok Nana, I'm A Believer - Where Do I sign Up For leads202?

Here's What To Do Right Now:
Step 1: Watch our replay Leads202 Preview event replay here.
Step 2: Sign Up for our Early Bird Notification List. We will open up limited registration first to people on this list, if we have more open spots we will open it up to the rest of the Tracking202 user base.
Step 3: If you are one of the cool blogger type people featured on affbuzz etc, email me for a special hook up.

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