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Mar 11, 2013

Reboot Your Inbox - Spend 75% Less Time On Email

By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments
A few weeks ago my buddy Arman Assadi, messaged me to let me know his Effortless Email System was ready. Talk about perfect timing!

I had thousands of messages clogging up my inbox

Today as I'm writing this email, my inbox has 2 unread messages. I check my email less often (A few times a day instead of every few mins) and surprisingly I'm more productive and responsive than ever before.

I just wish I had known about this sooner. I no longer have to deal with the unimportant messages that clogged my inbox on a daily basis.

Your unruly Inbox is Costing you $$$

Researchers have found that on average you are probably spending 30-60% percent of your day reading and responding to email.

Using the Effortless email system you could cut time spent on email by up to 75%

What could you do with that extra time? For example, my time is best spent on tasks that generate revenue or get me closer to releasing new features for The New Tracking202 ClickServer Platform.. My ideal day involves shipping new features and marketing. I've found that in general, both reading and sending email don't get me any closer to either one of these goals.

With all my free time I gained from using the Effortless Email System, I've been able to move much more quickly on my programming. Soon I'll be releasing a brand new and Improved UI, and a slew of revenue generating improvements for everyone using Tracking202 ClickServer Platform. Many of you you saw a preview of this during the webinar I had with SiteScout a few weeks ago. (You can watch the replay here)

It's really effortless

In about 5 mins you will also be able to Reboot Your Inbox just like I did. Your inbox will be clean, and manageable, you will find yourself being more productive. Just watch this video to get started: Tip I really recommend you open up your gmail and follow along with Arman as he shows you this system. That's what I did, and so by the end of my first viewing, my email problem was no more.

One more tip

In order to wean myself from the need to check email over and over again I setup these simple reminders on my iPhone. During the work week, I stick to this schedule as much as possible. The only time when I'll look at email outside of these time is when I get a notification from my customer support app. I chose these times based on Arman's recommendations. I'm still testing them out and may shift some of the times around a bit to match up with my daily schedule better.



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