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Prosper202 / Tracking202 Mega FAQ

We just put together a FAQ for all of the Prosper202 / Tracking202 users. We will be trying to address all of the common questions that keep arising in the forum, we've also listed some other areas that you can get help in this as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find more help resources?

Tracking202 Videos:
Tracking202 Tutorials:
Tracking202 FAQ:
Support Forum:
Prosper202 Documentation:

Q. What is the difference between Tracking202 & Prosper202?

A. Realize that Prosper202 is not an actual product, it is not a PPC analytics software. Tracking202 is. Prosper202 is simply a shell that hosts different applications that we have created, and one of the applications within Prosper202 is Tracking202. But you will also find Export202, another self-hostable application. So the difference between Tracking202 & Prosper202 is, that Prosper202 is just a self-hosted package of affiliate tools, and Tracking202 is one of the tools inside of it. Please note that often times users will refer to Prosper202 as the self-hosted tracking solution (although this technically isn't the correct definition) and Tracking202 as the hosted solution.

Q. How do I setup my redirects properly?

A. There is two types of setup: a direct linking campaign and a landing page style setup. Direct linking campaigns are the easiest to setup, simple go through all of the setup steps skipping only the landing page ones (steps 4 and 6), and proceed to generating your tracking202 redirect link in step 7. Please note step 8 is optional. Make sure to select that this is a direct linking campaign and then tracking202 will create a unique destination URL for you to use. This is the link you should be placing in your traffic source destination URL field(s). Landing Pages are slightly differently, you will need to set up your landing page (also known as LP) on step 4 and proceed to generating your landing page setup code on step 6. Please follow the instructions there. When you generate your links in step 7, make sure to select this is a landing page link.

Q. How do I install Prosper202?

A. We have detailed instructions on how to install Prosper202. You can find them here: Please note we do not install these for you and some users have offer to pay to have us set up the installation. At this time, we do not accept this type of service even with payment offered. You can however post on the forum for other users to help out if you are unable to understand the setup instructions above.

Q. How do I do an iframe?

A. If you want to do an iframe offer, you can find instructions here:

Q. How do I setup my Landing Page Code?

A. To setup your landing page code, steps 1-4 must be finished, step 5 is optional for those who want to track text ads (also known as ad copy). Step 6 generates your Landing page javascript code. Copy and paste your generated Landing page code above your closing body tag in your PHP formated document (Your Landing Page). If you're using a HTML formated page, please convert this to a PHP format. If you're using custom scripts or software for your landing page(s) such as LP generators or Wordpress, please validate your code/theme and note that depending on the theme, javascript placement may differ than above the body tag to avoid breaking the theme. Because this location differs from theme to theme, we can not tell you this goes, you must ultimately test this with your specific set up. Example of the standard LP setup:
<title>Title Goes Here</title>
<--Paste Generated Javascript Landing Page code here-->

Q. Tracking202 is not showing my Keywords, what should I do?

A. The number one reason why keywords don't show up is because of the destination URL. If you don't put the right syntax at the end of it, then the keywords will not show up. You're destination URL should have this syntax at the end of it (if you are using Google Adwords or MSN AdCenter): ?t202kw={keyword} If you are using Yahoo Search Marketing, you have to enable Tracking URLs in your account, this can be found by going to the Administration area of your yahoo search marketing account. If you are using any other traffic sources, check accordingly to see if there is a specific syntax that is needed.

Q. How do I setup an advanced Landing page?

A. This is how you set it up: In step 3 you setup your affiliate offers. In step 4 select [Advanced (Mutiple Offers on the page)]. Put in your LP Nickname and LP url. In step 5 select [Ad Copy; this is optional]. Then fill in your text ad information. In step 6 select advanced landing page. Then select your Landing Page and select your offers. Generate your Landing page code and save the codes in two different PHP files. When you edit your landing page, link the two php files. Place your LP javascript code above the body tag. Save and FTP your files.

Q.Tracking202 Cloaking 100% Full-proof?

A. The cloaking works, but it is not necessarily full-proof. We have invested many hours into developing the best cloaking redirects we could. However, in order for cloaking to work, it really relies on the visitors browsers, and because there are so many different browsers in the world we might not have been able to test them all. So this is the reason that cloaking may not work all of the time, but after testing it seems to work 99.8% of the time, it is very rare that the cloaking fails, however it can happen.

Q. Can the free self-hosted version of Tracking202 track Adwords campaigns?

A. Yes it can. You can also track other sources of traffic like PPV, Social, other PPC networks and media buy traffic.

Q. Can Tracking202 track your own products?

A. Yes you can track your own products using Tracking202. The easiest way is to simple setup your landing page, and then use the Tracking202 Conversion Tracking Pixel which should be placed on your thank you page. Whenever someone produces a product on your website our conversion pixel will fire and record a conversion. This is how you setup Tracking202 to track your own product sales. A good reference is to see this blog post done by Ian Fernando

Q. How do I use a tracking pixel?

A. Step 8 gives you two unique tracking pixels (unsecured and secured). Contact your affiliate manager to have one of these pixels placed on the offer's thank you page. If there is confusion as to which pixel to use (unsecured or secured), your affiliate manager will tell you which one will work for the offer being promoted (they should know this). Some networks will allow you to upload this yourself but when in doubt, contact the affiliate manager.

Q. My stats show 0 conversions?

A. This is generally because you have not uploaded your subids yet. Please download the converted subids from your affiliate network and upload it into Tracking202.

Q. How do I update my subids?

A. There are three ways to do this: You can obtain a subid report from your affiliate network and upload them using the update subids tab in Prosper202. Then open your subid report in a spread sheet program, copy and paste the converted subids into Prosper202's update subids section. Upload the Revenue report and select the columns and allow the system to sort base on selection. The final and best way, is to signup for Stats202. Stats202 will update your stats automatically. You can find the tutorial video here:

Q. I accidently uploaded all of my subids, now every click is showing as a conversion?

A. If you accidently uploaded all of your subids, you should goto UPDATE >> CLEAR SUBIDS and wipe out all of the subids for this campaign, and re-upload the "converted subids" only.

Q. How do I setup multiple offers on my landing page?

A. This is how you set it up: In step 3 you setup your affiliate offers. In step 4 select [Advanced (Mutiple Offers on the page)]. Put in your LP Nickname and LP url. In step 5 select [Advanced Landing Page Setup]. Then fill in your text ad information. In step 6 select advanced landing page. Then select your Landing Page and select your offers. Generate your Landing page code and save the codes in two different PHP files. When you edit your landing page, link the two php files. Place your LP javascript code above the body tag. Save and FTP your files.

Q. What is the difference between a secure and non-secure pixel?

A. HTTPS sites are secure sites so you would put the secure pixel on the secure site. The other pixel you would put that on a non-secure site. In order for you to use a secure pixel, you have to make sure you have an SSL installed on your domain. If you are using the hosted version of Tracking202 we already have an SSL installed so you don't have to worry about installing one. With SSL installed, you can use either secured or unsecured. With no SSL, you can only used the unsecure.

Q. My CPC is incorrect, how do I fix this?

A. You can go to the Update section and select the Update CPC tab.

Q. I get an error when I install Prosper202, why?

A. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing errors when installing Prosper202. We have a basic installation guide right here: . If the basic trouble shooting guide doesn't fix the error, post your support question in the forum and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

Q. When I cloak, it keeps getting redirected to a 403 Forbidden error?

A. That is a hosting problem generally associated with a few select webhosts, mainly HostGator. Make sure you have mod_security turned off, if you do not know have to turn it off, you will have to contact your webhost. Please also note that Godaddy, Network Solutions, and webhosts that do not support phpMyAdmin do not work with Prosper202 by default. If you get a Forbidden 405 error, you're most likely on a Windows server which currently Prosper202 coding is not fully optimized for Windows installation. Our recommended hosting is here:

Q. My spy view is dead, what can I do to fix this?

A. Generally if you see nothing, it is because you are set to many filters and no traffic is showing up for it and that is the reason there is a blank page (even if you've selected the specific filters that should have data). The first thing to do is reset all of your filtering preferences, de-select all of the drop-downs and make them set to nothing, and then hit set preferences again and see what happens. Make sure your viewing preferences is set to show "all clicks". If your spy view still shows nothing, make sure your redirects work. If you still can not get your spy view to work, try clearing out the spy table by going to PHPMYADMIN, and EMPTYING the 202_clicks_spy table. This includes if it was working previously and stopped working. Nothing changed on the software side and the only thing that could break this is if there was changes on the hosting side.

Q. Which affiliate networks support Tracking202?

A. You can use any affiliate network that supports subid tracking or pixel tracking or postback URL tracking.

Q. Can I move my prosper files to a new domain?

A.Yes you can. Just be prepared to lose a little bit of data if you are still running a campaign during the transfer. Here are the steps you need to take: 1) Upload the FILES to the new SERVER 2) Copy the MYSQL database to the new SERVER 3) once thats all done, change the NAMESERVERS to point to the new host 4) Done

Q. How long does the tracking cookie last?

A. The tracking cookie last for 30 days.

Q. My conversions are not showing up after I upload my subids, how do I fix this?

A. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing why subids do show up when uploading Subids. We have a basic trouble shooting section at the bottom of this FAQ. If the basic trouble shooting section doesn't fix the problem, post your support question in the forum and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days. Many times this issue comes up is because your landing page was not setup correctly. You need to make sure that you follow the exact steps in the landing page setup area. The most common pitfalls are that you did not place the landing page JS code, and the landing page PHP redirect code on the same domain. You should use the tool HTTPFOX, this firefox extension allows you follow all of the redirects that take place, and you should click through your landing page to see if the Tracking202 subid is being appended to the end of your affiliate url. If this works, you are good to go. But if you notice when you go through your landing page, and click out on your redirect link and no subid is being append to the url, sometime is wrong. And it is generally wrong if the Tracking202 subid cookie was set on a different domain than the php redirect code is hosted on. Make sure the JS code, and the PHP redirect code are hosted on the same domain name.

Q. What is the difference between Prosper202, Tracking202 and Tracking202 Pro?

A. See above on what Tracking202 and Prosper202 is defined as. Tracking202pro is an advanced PPC tracking solution made for affilate marketing. It's API intergrated with Google, Yahoo, Msn and many affilate networks for accurate tracking. It is a completely different tracking platform and is NOT an upgrade from Tracking202. It is a more advanced tracking solutions for the big three PPC engines.

Q. Can I track media buys with Tracking202?

A. Yes you can, but make sure you have a great hosting to support the traffic going to your offer. While it is not designed for Media Buys, it'll work initially until you have too much load to load the data, at that point, you must have a robust hosting solution to support the traffic.

Q. Do you have live support for Tracking202?

A. We do not have live support for Prosper202/Tracking202/Tracking202 Pro or any other 202 products and services. All support is done on the forum.

Q. Why should I cloak?

A. Cloaking stops other parties from seeing your referral traffic and keywords. If other parties see your keywords and where your traffic is coming from, there is a possibility that they can steal your campaign.

Q. My landing page CTR is too high, why?

A. This is generally because the landing page was not setup correctly.

Q. With Tracking202 can I track 2 sales from the same visitor?

A. Not at the moment. Tracking202 will always record 1 conversion per visitor, however, there is a way to value that visitor at different amounts. By using the "upload revenue report" feature in the UPDATE area of Tracking202, you can upload a sales report. And if for instance subid 123, had 2 sales, although you can only mark the sale as having 1 conversion, you can say this conversion was worth twice as much. So although your conversion numbers may be slightly off, your conversion amount values that were generated will be accurate.

Q. What if I don't want to host Prosper202, is there another way I could track my campaigns?

A. Yes you can. If you don't what to host prosper202, we have a hosted version of Prosper202. Tracking202 is our hosted tracking platform and it is free to use just like Prosper202. You can find it here:

Q. I can't login to prosper202, how do I fix this?

A. Please use the password reset feature that is shown on the login page of Prosper202.

Tracking202 Third Party Integration FAQ

Q. How do I use do I use Prosper with Google Web Optimizer?

A. This is how you set it up. First put the 1st google javascript code on your landing page. Then you place the 2nd google javascript code on a html/Javascript refresh page. This is what the process looks like: Landing Page with google code-->Javascript redirect page with 2nd google code-->Redirect.php-->offer This is the code for the Java redirect redirect:


<--Place your google code here-->


Q. How do I use Tracking202 with Wordpress?

A. You can find a tutorial on how to use Tracking202 with WordPress here:

Q. How do I setup my Affiliate and PPC networks in Prosper202?

A. To setup your affilate and PPC networks, all you have to do is go through steps 1 and 2.

Prosper202 Basic Trouble Shooting

Possible solutions to fix subid problems

A. Check to make sure your subid syntax is correct in step #3. B. Make sure your landing page JS and PHP redirect code are hosted on the same domain. Also make sure you are consisntely using (www.) or a (non-www.) domain, the cookies have trouble carring across theses domains sometimes. C. Check to see if the subid is being appended to your outbound affiliate url, you can do this by using the FireFox Extension HTTPFox. Load up the plugin, goto your landing page and click on your outbound link, you should be able to see all the redirects taking place. What you want to look for is to see if the tracking202 subid is being appended to the end of your affiliate url. If this is working, you've setup everything correctly.

Possible solutions to fix redirect problems

A. Use Live HTTP to see if you are redirecting your offer. B. Make sure your affiliate url works before you generate your redirect code in step 6. Make sure you inserted your affiliate url with the right subid syntax, you can learn more about subids by going to

Stats not showing up - Possible solutions

A. Upload your subids. B. Check to make sure your subid syntax is correct in step #3. C. Make sure you have your Landing page javascript code placed on your landing page (Above the end body tag).

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