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Prosper202 + Shared Hosting = Epic Fail

As a Prosper202 user, one of the important decisions you will make is, who to host with.

Unfortunately, this is not always a simple choice. I'm sure many of you have gone looking and seen how many hosting companies are out there.

Here are some common questions that will come up

How do you know that the host you choose will be there for you as you scale up?

You may just be starting out now, but when you finally find the winning campaign and traffic source and start to "blow it up" will your server blow up as well?

Will the host be responsive when things go wrong?

As a marketer, you may not be technical and just want to rest assured that you have a hosting partner that takes care of the tech stuff and keeps the servers humming along smoothly, while you focus on driving traffic, optimizing, and generating sales or leads.

Don't Make This Business Crippling Mistake...

Over the years, I've talked to hundreds of our customers and users. Once constantly recurring problem I see all the time is when one of our users decides to go with a cheap hosting solution to save money. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make, and more times than not, you end up paying for this mistake many times over.

Learn From My Painful Experience

I remember when I first started driving a ton of traffic, after finally hitting the jackpot and finding a winning campaign. I remember setting my budget to the max to make sure I got the most traffic I could get, then being the newbie that I was, I stepped away for a bit. Instead of comping back to thousands of dollars in commissions, I came back to huge losses.

My shared hosting provider (a big one that I know a lot of you use) had shut down my account. Apparently I was sending too much traffic and overloading overloaded the server.

It took a couple of days to find a suitable host, transfer my files, and get back up and running. This simple mistake had wiped out any savings I would have made by using a "cheap shared host". and cost me thousands in lost earnings.

Lesson Learned? Yes!

You get what you pay for, don't try to skimp on the important stuff.

Here are my recommendations for what to look for in a good host for your Prosper202 instance:

  • Ability to scale your hosting for you: A spectacular host will be able to ramp up your server to handle all the traffic you can throw at it.
  • Fully managed services: Being able to mange your server yourself is cool for the handful of super technical users. But in general it's much safe for you to not mess with managing the server, and having the pros deal with it.
  • Quality support: .Ideally, the support team knows the software. Even more ideal, the know it as if it was their own. There are not many hosting companies that actually understand Prosper202, let alone one that knows it almost as well as we do. But there is a company out there who does, and I'll let you in on who they are soon
  • Pre-optimized software automatically installed: This goes along with the above point. Remember you job is marketing and driving traffic. Let other people manage the technical stuff, especially if they have been doing it for hundreds of other clients.
  • Responsive 100% dedicated support: When something goes wrong, who are you going to call, and will they respond? The host you choose better be around for you, or you could end up very miserable with huge losses
  • Fine tuned hardware: Using the best hardware, means you get the best performance. For example some hosts may claim to have fast servers and then skimp on the hard drive. A system is only as good a its weakest link. Make sure you go with a host that's obsessed about using the best and fastest hardware.

Use this as a handy guide when shopping for a new hosting company or if you want the ultimate shortcut just host on the new Prosper202 Marketing Cloud Platform for the best overall performance and experience.

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