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Speed Up Prosper202 With PHP 7

We just recently rolled out our latest version of Prosper202 Pro version 1.9.29 and with it came support for PHP 7 and all the performance enhancements that come with it.

In our internal tests, we were able to see a 24%+ performance increase with faster redirects and more concurrent requests per second. If you are looking to squeeze the most performance out of your servers, upgrading to PHP 7 is highly recommended.

We also experimented with the OPcache enabled and saw even bigger 2x performance boosts. For many of you doing enough volume, simply upgrading to Version 1.9.29 and using PHP 7 with the OPcache will be enough of a performance boost to see a noticeable increase in conversion rates and revenue.

We offer server optimization and consulting services, so if you need help, reach out to me or one of the team members via our chat widget on the bottom right of this page.

How To Boost Profits With Intelligent Rules Based Redirects

Have you ever paid for desktop traffic and found you are getting clicks from mobile devices. Or maybe you bought clicks for specific geographic locations only to see that you are getting traffic for geos you don't want. Until now, you probably wasted those clicks as a cost of doing business. But you don't have to.

With the Prosper202 Pro ClickServer, you can setup intelligent rules based redirects that filter and directs traffic to the most optimal offers based on the rules you define. So now the mobile clicks can be sent to a mobile optimized offer, and you can send all the wrong geos to offers that can actually monetize those clicks.

Setting Up An A/B Split-Test With Prosper202 Pro

We've had a built-in way to simply rotate offers in Prosper202 for a while now, however the ability to easily split-test things such as landing pages, or assign different weights to the individual links and offers was a little more complex and often involved manually editing a php script of some sort.

A New Fully Integrated Advanced Split-Tester

In Prosper202 Pro, split testing is now natively built in. You now have a beautiful and intuitive user interface to interact with, which makes setting up your split-test simple and quick.

You are able to mix and split-test an unlimited combination of campaigns, landing pages and urls, this means we are able to create any test you can think of and have it up and running in minutes.

Look At How We Setup An A/B Test With No Coding

In this tutorial video below we'll show you how to setup an A/B test and generate your tracking link.

How We're Making Accurate Cost Tracking In Prosper202 Pro Easier

Tracking exact costs correctly is an important part of running and managing your campaigns because this data is tied directly to your profitability or lack of it. Our main method of allow you to update your cost data has been via the update tab, where you could pick a date range and retroactively change the average CPC.

In Prosper202 Pro we have made a few key changes to make it easier to track your costs and keep them as close to your actual costs as possible.

Dynamic Cost Variable via t202b

When working with networks that allow you to pass the exact CPC of a click into your tracking link, Prosper202 Pro can use the t202b= variable to pass in the exact costs. We've made it so that you can turn this feature on and off as needed, so you won't get unexpected modifications of your cost data from 3rd parties.

Another way of using this new feature is for situations where you have one campaign but different bids based on the device type or geo. So for example, you may pay $0.50 for desktop clicks and $0.10 for mobile clicks. With the t202b variable, you can now setup the different bid amounts directly on the tracking link without having to create multiple tracking links for each device or geo.

Editable Tracking Links

For as long as Prosper202 has existed, one of the perhaps strange functionality was the fact that after creating a tracking link, it was gone forever. If you ever need to change something about the link, you'd simply make a new one. The obvious downside of this is that your ads would have to go through approval again if you put in a new tracking link. In Prosper202 Pro, you now have access to all your previous tracking links which means you can also edit anything about the link. This is really handy for changing the pre-enter CPC or CPA of the link without having to resubmit your ads. As your bids increase or drop, you can just reflect those changes in Prosper202 Pro so that your cost data is in sync.

Solution: Mac Keyboard input not working on AWS Workspaces

Most of my dev work is done on my Mac, but every once in a while I need to check out stuff on a PC or from another computer. For that I use Amazon Workspaces. This is also a great solution for foreign affiliates that need a US based ip and machine for testing geo restricted offers.

A few days ago keyboard input stopped working. I rebooted the server and my laptop multiple times, installed a new client, rebuilt the server and still nothing worked.

Finally today, I searched online to see if this was something others were experiencing, and found out I wasn't alone. From my research it looks like it's a problem in Os X.

For me, the fix for this was quick and easy. Here's the thread where I found my fix. It worked on Os X Yosemite 10.10.4 even though the thread talks about Mavericks 10.9

The command I used in the terminal was the following:

sudo sysctl -w > /dev/null 2>&1

After that, everything started working correctly without a reboot of any sort. The highlighted fix on this page included extra stuff that I didn't use. So if this command doesn't work for you, also try the highlighted fix. I also suspect that doing this in the terminal is not permanent and will need to be done again after a reboot. To make it more permanent you may have to enter this link into you /etc/sysctl.conf file.

I thought I'd share it here, because it could save you a few hours or days of searching. Additionally, it's part of my new effort to learn something new and teach what I learn every day.

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