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Our Universal Smart Pixels just got smarter

You can now use tokens in your 3rd party pixel and postback urls in step #1 of the setup process. They work just like the tokens you've been able to use in your affiliate links in step #3 when setting up your Campaigns.

One thing early beta testers have been using this feature for, is the ability to fire 3rd party pixels or postbacks from traffic sources that generate a unique click id.

Here's an example of how to fire SiteScout's post back url

You can use any of the C1-C4 variables to store the unique id, in this example our tracking link uses C1 to store the id generated by Sitescout's {POSTBACKID}{POSTBACKID}

Then setup your 3rd party postback like this:

Here's another example using the [[payout]] token. Sitescout has the ability to accept a dynamic conversion value, so the following would fire the sitescout image conversion pixel with the actual value of the lead.

Here is the full list of tokens we support and the values they will be replaced with:

[[subid]] - The subid of the offer that converted
[[t202kw]] - The value of the t202kw varable from your tracking link
[[c1]] - The C1 value passed in the tracking link
[[c2]] - The C2 value passed in the tracking link
[[c3]] - The C3 value passed in the tracking link
[[c4]] - The C4 value passed in the tracking link
[[cpc]] - The cpc for the conversion. This value is rounded up to 2 decimal points
[[cpc2]] - The cpc for the conversion. This value is not rounded, and is ideal for ppv values
[[payout]] - They payout of the offer that just converted
[[random]] - A random 9 digit number, this acts like a cache buster

If you are already a ClickServer202 client, this feature is available to you right now.

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