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Lessons Learned From 2015

2015 has come and gone, and as I reflect on what we did well and not so well over the year, I also spent time checking out our blog posts and announcements for reference. Here are the 10 most viewed posts of 2015, annotated with what we were doing, and context on what worked and what didn't work for us.

Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers - January 2015
This was our first review of the top networks that Prosper202 users use the most for 2015. This was something that was really popular with you, but we didn't fully realize how popular this post was until we did this review. We are going to update this for 2016 and make this info more dynamic and real time.

Where Can I Download Prosper202 For Free?
Earlier in the year we tested out removing the download link for Prosper202 from the site and making it only available from our hosting partners. It was still free but our main purpose was to see if we could eliminate the technical questions we were getting for installation by making people use the channels that would enable them to have the least issues. This test didn't go as well, and our new solution was to focus on better documentation.

Prosper202 Pro ClickServer Software Is Now 100% Free To All
In October, we made the big change of making Prosper202 Pro, our premium and advanced version totally free. Originally this was a $99 a month subscription, so it was a big change of direction for us. Our new vision and direction meant that we could again offer our best and most powerful version of our software for free again. We also launched our paid support plans, which enabled people to get the hads on support they needed. These changes is still being evaluated, because they are a part of a much bigger plan and goal. However we immediately saw a boost in the number of installations of Prosper202 Pro. We also feel this is what fueled our growth in 2015, we ended up with more than double the Prosper202 users we started the year with.

Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers - Q2 2015
In Q2 we updated our list of top networks. As with our first report from the beginning of the year, PeerFly, MaxBounty and Neverblue were the 3 top networks for Prosper202 users. In 2016 we are looking to work with networks in order to provide solutions that enable thier publishers and affiliates to be more sucessful and profitable.

We Made Prosper202 Pro 1000000X Faster
This blog post highlighted some of the optimizaiton changes we made to the Pro version of Prosper202 in order to enable fast reporting even when the database got big. The DataEngine is now available in all new versions of Prosper202 Pro and will be enhanced further in 2016. For many users, this completely eliminated the need to delete clicks and data from their databases.

This simple tweak produces huge results
In this post, we introduced our new Dynamic Content Segments feature. This is a conversion boosting method that allows you to dynamically personalize your landing page with visitor details such as city, state, zip, browser type, OS and more. All this is possible with simple HTML without having to write any javascript or server code. This is available in the most recent version of Prosper202 Pro for free. This feature is one of the features that I feel we could have documented better, because without reading the blog post, you'd have no idea that it was even available. We fixed this later on in the year by adding some info on the get landing page code step.

22 Powerful Reasons Get Prosper202 Pro Today
As we were promoting Prosper202 Pro, we realized we had launched a ton of new features and wanted to have a central place to point people to when they wanted to know the difference between Prosper202 Pro (1.9.x) and Prosper202 Lite (the old version 1.8.x and older). This post listed everything we had updated up until that point. We probably need a new list or an update to this post, but it's a great place to start if you are wondering what's new in Prosper202.

Prosper202 Pro: Now a Must Have for Advertisers and Product Creators
With the new addition of CPA cost tracking and a few other features, we wanted to let advertisers and and product creators know that Prosper202 Pro was now a tool you could use to manage and track the performance of the offers you have syndicated with the CPA networks. This post highlighted this fact and also offered to provide free consulting services to paid Prosper202 Pro users who wanted to get this offers setup with networks using Prosper202 Pro. This free offer is no longer available, but we still offer consulting services if you are interested. Again, this is a feature that would benefit from more highlighting because of how powerful it can be for certain users.

New Super Fast Offer Setup With Prosper202 Pro DNI
Our Direct Network Integration functionality, is the most exciting new feature from our team. It automates much of the manual process of finding and correctly setting up offers and postback urls. This post show just how quick and powerful this feature is. In 2016 we will be onborading more networks into the program. If you'd like to get your network integrated, check out this page for more details and get in touch. We saw some good results from this launch, but after making some tweaks to the way it's presented in Prosper202 Pro version 1.9.29 (Launching this coming Monday) we expect this to be an even bigger hit.

A Guaranteed Way To Dominate in 2015
Our last top post of 2015 was also our first post of 2015. We talked about the growing importance of data for marketing and how not all data is created the same.

My big take aways is that we did really well with pushing out the new and powerful features that Prosper202 users need for more advance marketing in 2016 and beyond.

But one lesson is that new features don't really matter if you the users don't know about them or if you know about them but don't know how to best use the features then they are not of much value to you. In 2016 we will be working on updating our UI even more to make things more visible and more obvious additionally we will be doing more training on what we have built for you.

We still see users struggling with getting Prosper202 setup and running. We have our hosting partners that make it easier, but we need to expand this. Additionally we have Prosper202 available in Softaculous and MOJO Marketplace. This means that if you host give you access to any of these two tools, you can get a one click install of Prosper202. We know a lot of you are interested in installing Prosper202 Pro on AWS and DigitalOcean and other unmanaged servers, so we are looking into ways to make that simpler too.

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