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Leads202 Goes Open Source on April 3rd

We are happy to announce that on Tuesday April 3rd, we'll be launching Leads202 as a free open source product.

Prosper202 disrupted the affiliate tracking and analytics market when it was launched. It quickly became the premier open source tracking solution for affiliates of all types.

In a few days, Leads202 will step up to totally disrupt and shake up the old school lead gen and co-reg industry with innovative technology accessible to everyone who's willing to download and install this new piece of software.

Wes Mahler, the former founder of Tracking202 says, "Leads202 is something the industry has needed for many years, it's crazy to think that in 2012, people are still doing things with technology from 1996. Nana and his team have created something I wish I had way back in the day."

Leads202 will publicly launch during ad:tech and will available for download on Tuesday April 3rd.

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