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It is Time To Shake Up The Way SaaS Trackers are Priced

There's one thing that really bugs me about spending money on services and products.

It's the terrible feeling that I'm being massively overcharged for the services I pay for. Don't you hate it when that happens? Especially with SaaS services

It's Time To Shake Up The Pricing Model of SaaS Trackers and Analytics Tools In A Big Way

The other night, when I was going over my numbers, I realized I am able to drop the price on the entry level Solo Plan for Prosper202 Marketing Cloud from $299 to $199 a month.But that's not all. I also decided to give all subscribers free access to my $1999 TollBooth Method Training program. Before, you had to be on the more expensive $499 plan to get free access.

I'm doing a big push to dramatically ramp up the level of premium strategic education and training I offer to all paid clients, because I 100% believe our success go hand in hand and I'm willing to make the early and long term investment into making you successful.

It gets better, I decided to automatically update the subscriptions of everyone on the $299 plan so they now only pay $199 a month. As I thought of this more, I realized this is exactly what I'd want the companies I do business with to do for me.

One company that does this well is Amazon Web Services. We host Prosper202 Marketing Cloud on AWS, and they constantly drop prices and pass on the savings right away. So from now on, that's exactly what I'll be doing for you too.

Due to economies of scale, as the number of subscribers to the Prosper202 Marketing Cloud increases, we are able to drop prices and pass the savings to you automatically.

Plus, I'll be adding more value added services to your subscription too. So you will always have the best pricing and value. Right now I'm finalizing a deal to give every Prosper202 Marketing Cloud client free premium access to The Fastest 1-Click Way To Do Competitive Intelligence!

Everything is pretty much set, I just have a few little details to work out. For now you can get the free account, which is already pretty awesome and has free perks for being a Prosper202 user.

During times when we are investing in new and better infrastructure, there will be price increases but only for new customers. Existing customers will always keep their lower pricing. As our overall costs drop, everyone will benefit with automatic price decreases and savings.

My ambitious goal for this time next year, is to be able to offer the Solo plan with the same unlimited clicks and all the perks for only $49 a month. There's a lot of growing that's needed to do that, but it's totally doable. By the end of 2018, my goal is to drive down costs further to be able to offer the Solo plan for $9-$19 a month and this will happen with even more powerful infrastructure and performance than what's available today.

Beyond that, my ultimate goal is to be able to offer our Solo plan 100% free to everyone, just like I was able to do with the old free self-hosted Prosper202. Basic tracking is something everyone should have access to, and the best way to do that is to eventually make it free for every marketer to get started with no click limits. We'll make our money after we've helped you and provided massive value.

If this sounds like something you can get behind, let's do this. Switch to Prosper202 Marketing Cloud, and benefit from working with the only company which has truly had your back for almost 9 years now and continues to do so in every way possible.

As always you can talk directly to me live when I'm online. Just click the little blue chat widget on the bottom right of this page.

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