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Apr 24, 2012

Introducing Prosper202 VIP Perks

By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments
I often get approached by networks, advertisers, tool creators and service providers who say something to the effect of

"Hey you guys have access to all the affiliates, can you help us get in contact with affiliates who fit such and such criteria?"

But , I have no clue who you are, what you do, what you are best at, and what deals and offers you want or need.

So I always tell them

"Sorry, I can't introduce you specifically to that affiliate"

And That Means You Miss Out

  • The advertiser that wants to find someone like you for an exclusive offer can't
  • The network looking for more affiliates like you can't
  • The forum or affiliate tool provider that's looking for you specifically  can't reach you 

    Wouldn't it be awesome if companies gave you special deals and discounts and other cool Perks just because of who you are?
    Wouldn't you love to have new campaign opportunities, private campaigns, business relationships and more handed to you?

    Starting today, that's what the Prosper202 VIP Perks Program offers you and you can get started by logging into your self-hosted Prosper202 account now.

  • Thank You To Our Network & Advertiser Launch Partners

    We have many partners to launch with, but here are our initial set of Network and Advertiser Partners. Make sure to check them out by clicking their logos below. You'll also find them on the Prosper202 VIP Perks sign up page.

    Profit Kings Media



     If you are interested in being a part of this group or want to be able to reach active Prosper202 users, you can reach me vie email.

    Here's How To Get In:

    Step One is easy, but it's designed to weed out people too. So you can only get access to the sign up page from inside of Prosper202. This ensures that at the very least, you are actively doing some sort of marketing and are savvy enough to use tracking software to get insights on your marketing.
    Login To Your Prosper Install To Get Started
    Step Two get a bit harder because that's when we reach out to you to find out more about what you need to get a better idea about how we can grow your business based on the relationships we have.
    Step Three Watch for personalize emails, with introductions, deals and perks just for you.

    Do You Still Not Have Prosper202 Installed?

    Get Optimized Prosper202 Hosting
    • Pre-Installed Prosper202 Servers - The team at Beyond hosting have fine-tuned thier server configurations to ensure the best performance with Prosper202. Don't worry about setting up anything, it's already done for you with Beyond Hosting. Just login and start driving traffic
    • Blazing Fast Performance - Shared hosting is cheap but slow. Research from Amazon shows that every second of latency, can cost you up to 10% in profits. Beyond Hosting's virtual private servers are some of the fastest servers in the industry.
    • Stress Free Tracking - Beyond Hosting handles all of the upgrades and code fixes, and even offers basic support, all free of charge.
    Discount Offer: Use Coupon code HOTPROSPER for 50% off your first month



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