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Introducing Private SaaS Hosting With Unlimited Clicks. Grow Your Traffic Not Your Costs

With the new launch of the new Prosper202 Pro Premium Edition, we are also publicly relaunching our Private SaaS Servers. Think of it as a hybrid solution that gives you the privacy and power of dedicated servers with the ease of management and infinite scalability of a SaaS solution.

Private Domains With Custom Nameservers

Unlike traditional SaaS solutions, we offer you your own private domain that's linked to our servers with a nameserver setup just for you. This means that your tracking domain will have its own reputation and not affected by other customers. Most SaaS solutions use CNAMEs for private domains, this means that everyone is still sharing the same tracking domain. If that domain gets flagged as a bad url because of a rogue user, all your campaigns will get banned or flagged as well. This can get very costly for you because instead of landing on your offers, people end up seeing this:

The Red Screen Of Wasted Clicks

Free SSL Certificates

Your custom domain also comes with its own SSL certificate, to allow you to use secure conversion pixels. Many offers have secure conversion pages, and if your tracking domain doesn't have ssl enabled, your conversion pixels will never fire.

Private Database with Realtime Backups

Next you get your own private database. This is a big deal because, many SaaS solutions use one big database table to store all their client's click and campaign data. In addition to the fact that your private data is mixed up with everyones data, you also suffer from performance issues. If a user has 10 million clicks and you only have 10 thousand clicks, your reports are going to run as slow as the user with 10 million clicks.

No Single Point Of Failure

Your servers are all highly reliable and available.This is because they don't have a single point of failure. For example with a traditional host, everything is managed on one machine. If that server goes down, there goes all your revenues and profits.

Our Private SaaS Servers are architected to eliminate that risk and ensure your servers are online no matter what. You'll get at least 3 servers just to handle your clicks, and we can automatically scale that number up or down as needed to handle all your clicks. We have two database servers, with the 2nd one ready to automatically take over in the event of a database downtime. You'll be back up and running in about 15-30 seconds.

True $0 CPC Billing: Never Pay By The Click

Naturally, we saved the best for last. Go ahead and check out the pricing pages for any SaaS tracking solution and you'll notice one thing they all have in common. The more clicks you generate, the more expensive your costs are.

Not with us

Every one of our plans allows you to send unlimited clicks a month to your tracking servers. There are no per click costs, overages, and anything that looks remotely like that.

One Simple Flat Rate: No Surprises Or Overages

For one flat rate, you get all the features and the ability to send all the clicks you want. There's never going to be a surprise on your bill because you sent more clicks than your plan supports.

Backed By 15 Years Of Experience

How are we able to do this, when everyone else is charging by the click? We've been building tracking for almost 10 years and managing and scaling servers for almost 15 years, almost half of that being on Amazon's Cloud. Over that time, we've gotten very good at squeezing performance out of our servers. By managing everything on our end, we are able to reduce our costs by 60-80% while still providing you with the most powerful servers.

Simple Upgrades For More Features

Many of you will be able to run everything on our base plan. In the event that you need extra add-ons such as more tracking domains, latency based routing (this makes your redirects faster) and new standalone ClickServer setups, you can upgrade to higher end plans.

Get Started Now

To get started create an account or login to the Proser202 customer dashboard here:

Once you are in you, will be able to enter your billing information and purchase one of our plans.

After your order, we will be in touch with you to complete your personal 1-on-1 on-boarding.

Starting today, scaling your campaigns means never having to worry about the number of clicks you generate.

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Stress Free Tracking

Prosper202 Certified Hosting partners handle all of the installation, upgrades and code fixes, and even offers basic support, all free of charge.

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