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Get Your Upgrade To Prosper202 1.8.3

Today we are happy to announce the release of Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.3. This is a BIG update with many new features and enhancements. We are already back at work on the next version

Here’s a list of new and improved features available to you when you upgrade to the new Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.3

  • Brand New Look & Feel
    • When you login to your Prosper202 you’ll notice a brand new look to the Prosper202 you’ve been used to. Behind the scenes, we’ve whipped P202 into shape to make it even faster.
  • VIP Perks System
    • This is probably what you’ll notice when your first login. The Prosper202 VIP Perks Program is a brand new way to enable us to Prosper202 to intelligently enhance your business. For example, if you are brand new to Prosper202 the system will automatically provide more extensive help alerts. More experiences users will only see help modals that highlight new features. Additionally, you can tell Prosper202 more about who you are and have our smart Perks Matcher find you new business deals and opportunities specifically for you. For example, if you indicate that you run lead gen offer with A4D, we’ll be able to automatically highlight some of the best and new offers that you may be interested in trying out.
  • Enhancements for Mobile
    • We made a huge push for improved support for mobile in this release of Prosper202
    • We now detect and track a vast array of mobile devices, allowing you to pinpoint exactly which devices are converting for you or not.
  • Database enhancements
    • Have you ever had a corrupted table in Prosper202 or noticed things slowing doing due to your click volume, our database technology optimizations and enhancements will ensure things run smoothly and briskly. For the best results, you will need to do a clean install of Prosper202 and start over with a new database.
  • New postback response codes
    • Successful postback calls return a header and json response code. This will allow 3rd party tools and service to know whether a postback succeeded or failed and allow them to retry again if needed. With this new feature you will find that your need to manually update subids decreases
  • Enhanced security
    • We upgraded security to reduce the likelihood of your data being access when you are on a shared hosting environment
  • Expanded user agent detection
    • Right out of the box, Prosper202 detects a whole lot more than the 10-15 devices version 1.7.2 supported. This means you will get even more detailed insigts into who’s click and converting
  • Bot, search engine crawler detection and filtering
    • One of the most annoying things when running ads is that the ad networks bots such as Bing’s adbot or facebook’s bots can really skew your stats. In Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.3 we detect and automatically filter out these bots ensuring highly accurate stats.
  • New reports for GEO, User Agent and Platforms
    • The Analyze tab just got more powerful with 7 new reports.  
    • Countries, Regions, Cities, ISP/Carrier, Devices, Browsers and Platforms
  • New group overview segments
    • You can also segment and group by the 7 new properties above
  • New report filters
    • We’ve added Countries, Regions, Cities, ISP/Carrier, Devices, Browsers and Platforms to the filtering options for the reports, Allowing you to gete the exact data you want at all times.
  • New Reporting API
    • This is the first of many APIs built into Prosper202 ClickServer. You can now pull your data into other tools and services for extra analysis or automation
  • Landing Page redirect url
    • No more having to edit and upload a php file when setting up landing pages. Prosper202 will now generate and outbound landing page url for you.
  • Improved support for organic traffic
    • If you are big into SEO, we’ve expanded the number of keyword query strings we detect from search engine traffic
  • Smart post click redirection rules
    • Want to send Mobile traffic to one offer and tablet to another? Our new Smart Post Click Redirector is exactly what you need.
  • Raw universal smart pixel
    • We’ve added a raw universal smart pixel option. This will make even easier to add 3rd party pixels exactly as is into Prosper202 without having to modify them in any way
  • New tokens for universal smart pixels
    • We’ve added token support for the universam smart pixels, you’ll be able to pass in Prosper202 to your 3rd party pixels with ease
  • Clickbank API integration
    • Running Clickbank offers is now easier than ever with our new integration. You’ll no longer have to manually download and upload conversion into Prosper202
  • 1-click auto upgrade
    • If you’ve ever used wordpress you’ll know how cool it is to be able to upgrade with just 1-click. Prosper202 now has this feature too so you never need a tech to upgrade to the latest version
  • New async javascript for lp javascript
    • We’ve made our landing page javascript code asynchronous, so your landing pages load faster without blocking  your page.
  • Expanded timezones
    • Prosper202 users are truly a globally diverse group. We added many more timezones to ensure you get your stats reproting in your exact timezone
  • Reports caching
    • You can set how long to cache your reports.For high volume users this new addition will grealty speed up reporting.
  • Ability to delete clicks prior to a certain date
    • Looking to clear data out of Prosper202? Now you can have more control over how many days of data you want to delete or keep.
  • BlazerCache redirects
    • We’ve added our BlazerCache technology to redirects to make them even faster. I’m sure you know that means even more profits for you.
  • BlazerCache downtime protection
    • The new BlazerCache downtime protection protects you from losses if your database server happens to crash. All your redriects will continue to operate as before without any losses in clicks.

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