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Download The New Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8 Today

Just in time for the cyber Monday sales rush

Today we are happy to announce the availability of Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.0

We have been working on this release for a few months now and it's going to help you dominate the competition this holiday season.

In addition to the bug fixes that are not listed here, we've added and improved the following for you:

Improved Overall Performance

The Prosper202 ClickServer is faster and more efficient than any of the previous releases. We tightened the code and removed slow code. The result is a snappy interface that allows you to get in analyze data and use that to optimize your campaigns much faster than ever.

New raw universal smart pixel support

We realized that many of you would rather just paste the whole 3rd party pixel code into Prosper202. So now the new raw pixel lets you quickly set up piggyback pixels without having to figure out how to format it. We also added the ability to fire multiple 3rd party pixels at the same time

Brand New tokens for the universal smart pixels

You now have a whole range of dynamic tokens that can be used in the universal smart pixel setup. This enables you to create sophisticated flows and sequences by allowing you to seamless send conversion information from The Prosper202 ClickServer to 3rd parties such as your traffic source. Beta users have been scaling up profits using this feature for auto optimization of campaigns

Improved scalability and uptime

Tomorrow when you are sending a million clicks an hour, you can rest assured knowing that your server won't crash on you. But if it does, we have your back. We ported over a portion of the BlazerCache™ Optimized Redirect Technology into the new Prosper202 so your redirects will continue working even if your database crashes. The days of thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to a database crashing are long gone.

New ClickBank API Integration

You no longer have to manually update your conversions, because our API link with Clickbank automatically manages this is real time. It will save you hours of tedious work. This is the first of many integrations we will be rolling out with networks and traffic sources.

New 1-Click Auto Upgrade Functionality

Who has time to download files, unzip them, and ftp up to their servers? Once you install this latest version of the Prosper202 ClickServer you will never have to manually install another upgrade again. That's because we have built in a way to automatically download and install the newest release with a button. Why is this important? The number of new features coming up for the Prosper202 ClickServer is massive. Expect an average of a new release every week for the next few months. For example, even though we are launching today we are already moving forward with the next release that will be pushed out to you this coming week!

Premium support from me and the development team

We saved the best for last. We've brought back support for Prosper202 and it's better than ever. Every one who upgrades to the New Prosper202 ClickServer gets personal support direct from me and my senior developer. Nothing is outsourced to someone reading from a script who has no idea how The Prosper202 ClickServer works. We understand that time is money, and every minute you spend being stuck is a minute of revenue down the drain.

Here's how to get the new Prosper202 ClickServer

The new Prosper202 is a premium fully managed Cloud Hosted product. Get your free 14 day trial of Prosper202 Marketing Cloud here

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