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Announcing: Prosper202 Unlimited

Almost everything is moving to the monthly subscription model. Who doesn't like the idea of and on going monthly subscription income?

I'll tell you! Pretty much everyone paying monthly subscription fees hates paying them.

That's why as of today, I'm happy to announce the launch of Prosper202 Unlimited ClickServer.

You get unlimited everything, for a one time fee. Did I mention Unlimited Lifetime software updates?

When I first brain stormed the feasibility of making Prosper202 Unlimited a possibility, my first thought was:

"How am I going to make the numbers work?"

For example, support is one of the big cost centers for most companies, including mine.

To sustainably, launch a lifetime plan. I needed a way to reduce or eliminate support costs.

The answer that came to me was even more automation to intelligently guide Prosper202 users to make less mistakes. I've already seen how automation can lead to a massive drop in support issues.

For example Bot202 Link Assist was launched to automatically detect your affiliate links and correctly format it with the [[subid]] token.

This simple feature made one of the biggest problems for both new and experienced affiliates disappear almost over night.

Prosper202 1.9.52 will be launching with more new automations to eliminate human error, and the support tickets associated when them.

This means you and your team are able to move faster with little to no errors or confusion tripping you up and delaying your progress.

Some of the updates will make difficult tasks that can backlog you for weeks into tasks that take seconds because they are done automatically

How about sustainability?

It costs money to build software. It costs money to sustain it, and keep it fresh and updated.

If you now pay a one time fee with no ongoing subscription fees for Prosper202, where will the funds come from to maintain Prosper202 and ensure it's always up to date?

This part I'm not going to dive too much into to maintain early mover advantage :D Just know it's been thought about and addressed. So watch this space!

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