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Announcing Prosper202 1.9.43 - Download Now

Today, I'd like to highlight a handful of the new features you can use right now in the new Prosper202 Self-Hosted ClickServer version 1.9.43.


Excited? You Can Get Prosper202 1.9.43 Here

Here's a full list of all the changes since version 1.9.30 (the last free downloadable version before it was taken offline)

Version 1.9.43
  • New: TV202 For Training Videos
  • Update: Removed AppStore
  • Update: Removed Rapid Ad Builder
  • Update: Requirements Support MariaDB
  • Update: Subid uploads are faster
  • Fixed: Subid Upload Error
Version 1.9.42
  • Update: Faster pixel firing and redirects
  • Fixed: Query error for custom variables fixed
  • Fixed: Clickbank verification url fixed
  • Fixed: 3rd Party piggy back postback firing correctly
  • Fixed: Secondary users can now see reports
  • Fixed: Error with updating CPC when installed in subdirectory
Version 1.9.41
  • New: You can create custom variables that save data into c1-c4 and t202kw variables
  • New: New option for setting default traffic source. Allows for better organic SEO tracking
  • Fixed: Don't show deleted variables in the custom variable report
  • Fixed: Cleaned up confusing ui on landing page setup
Version 1.9.40
  • New: Leave behind functionality to increase landing page revenue
  • New: Landing pages use secure links if secure Javascript snippet is used
  • Update: Default to sorting reports by leads
  • Update: Optimized all images
  • Update: No meetup, system or version update checks
  • Update: Expanded the layout width to 80% instead of fixed 1028px
  • Update: Deleted unneeded footer links and text
  • Fixed: 3rd party piggyback postbacks were not firing
  • Fixed: Tokens in the redirect URL were not being fired if not set in tracking url
Version 1.9.39
  • New: Ability to hide ads
  • New: Support for read only database for performance boost
  • Update: Redirect links will work in any directory. Phase 1 of being able to remove 202 finger prints from url
  • Update: Optimized smart redirector by not saving to spy view
  • Update: Turn on Maxmind ISP database for everyone
  • Update: Faster DataEngine Queries for Reporting
  • Update: Improved support for both memcache and memcached
  • Update: Improved error message for database fails
  • Update: Updated GeoIp File
  • Fixed: Deleted unneeded Ajax calls on home page
  • Fixed: Rapid Ad Builder was adding the words click to edit into links
  • Fixed: Big reports don't show memory limit errors
  • Fixed: General memcache related bugs
  • Fixed: Pagination related error fixed
Version 1.9.38
  • New: We detect prefetch links from Facebook and other bots so stats are not thrown off
  • Update: Conversion Logs now track manual uploads
  • Update: New GeoIp Databases
  • Update: You will now get even more enhanced details about your smart rotators when looking at Spy view & visitor view
  • Update: Your smart rotator now supports tracking of custom traffic source variables
  • Fixed: Smart Rotators didn't always show due to our filtering widget
  • Fixed: Smart Rotators can now be filtered when creating links on step 8
Version 1.9.37
  • New: Conversion pixels are now able to completely ignore duplicate conversions by setting adding &t202dedupe=1
  • Update: Spy view & visitor view shows more complete information on your Smart Rotators. This makes it easier to see which offers users saw and clicked on.
  • Update: We've improved the way we link and report stats for rotators that send clicks to landing pages. You will see less double counting in your stats.
  • Update: The landing page Javascript loads the code faster to ensure better tracking of visitor.
Version 1.9.36
  • New: Ability To Upload Directly To Facebook Ads via Rapid Builder
  • New: Updated all API endpoints to https for enhanced security
  • Update: New Geo IP Location Detection Database
  • Update: New User Agent Browser Detection Database
Version 1.9.35
  • New: Added RevContent support for RapidBuilder.
  • Fixed: Various Bug fixes.
Version 1.9.34
  • New: Added Ability to edit tokens in your RapidBuilder url.
  • New: Tokens pre-populate from RapidBuilder tracking url.
  • Fixed: RapidBuilder UI tweaks.
  • Fixed: Various Bug fixes.
Version 1.9.33
  • New: Added Ability to edit feeds you have already generated
  • New: You can now preview all the ads and removed unwanted combinations before generating the feed
  • New: Simple way to add your Prosper202 Customer API key to your account with 1-click
  • Fixed: Uploaded images had the wrong path
  • Fixed: Conversion logs show the right pixel type
  • Fixed: AdvancedAdvanced landing pages dropdown ui fixed to allow filtering
  • Fixed:Header added to Adwords offline conversions file
  • Fixed: [[source_id]] and other tokens work for landing pages
  • Fixed: Show currency for CNY,INR and RUB in campaign setup page
  • Fixed: Manual upload timestamp accepts human readable values
Version 1.9.32
  • New: Prosper202 Native AdBots Beta 1
  • Fixed: Various Bug fixes
Version 1.9.31
  • New: Multi Currency Support. Prosper202 automatically converts payouts into your local currency.
  • New: Support for windows servers with php installed
  • New: Support transaction ids that allow tracking of multi-step offers
  • New: Subid upload page now support transaction ids
  • New: Adwords Offline Conversions Export
  • New: Clickbank support for multiple conversions, upsells and refunds
  • New: Ability To Redirect Filtered Visitors in Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by C1-C4 value Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by t202kw value in Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by utm variables value in Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by referrer value in Smart Redirector
  • New: Optimized redirect speeds for Smart Redirector
  • New: Mobile App Deeplinks support for campaign urls
  • New: Pixel url validation for Universal Smart Pixel
  • New: Smart Redirector support for ip ranges
  • New: Auto Database Optimization - Keeps your database size optimized automatically
  • New: Custom Variables report runs multiple times faster
  • New: Support for transaction ids in pixels, postbacks and manual conversion uploads
  • New: Brand new design for step 9 pixels and postback page.
  • New: Prosper202 Customer API key to unlock extra Premium functionality
  • New: Group overview report now includes pagination for reports with multiple pages
  • New: Support for Memcached in addition to Memcache
  • New: Support for MySQL Strict Mode
  • Fixed: Fixed Bug where smart rotators and advanced landing pages were not showing in step 8
  • Fixed: APC Bug where cache wasn't being cleared on upgrade
  • Fixed: Smart Rotators modal loads correctly
  • Fixed: No errors show when DNI server is offline
  • Fixed: Improved click deletion functions
  • Fixed: Error in spy/visitor view display when location was unknown
  • Fixed: Dynamic Bid for Simple Landing Pages is recognized
  • Fixed: For some users setup tab was missing after an upgrade
  • Fixed: Fixed support for all tag in Smart Redirector so it's case insensitive
  • Fixed: Fix for auto increment sometimes being set to 0 in the clicks counter
  • Fixed: Advanced Landing Page Smart Redirector works better for split tests
  • Fixed: Date formatted in US format in account overview
  • Fixed: Password reset emails were not getting sent
  • Fixed: In visitor/spy view, No PPC Network selection filters correctly
  • Fixed: Ability to disable mysql strict mode
  • Fixed: Improved installation script to reduct errors
  • Fixed: Improved pagination for reports with multiple pages
  • Fixed: Conversion logs no longer shows errors when you choose a custom time range
  • Update: Removed report caching feature
  • Update: Conversion Logs moved into main reports section
  • Update: Optimized Analyze Variables Report for speed
  • Update: Visitors download report now includes revenue column

Excited? You Can Get Prosper202 1.9.46 Here

Answers to questions you may be have about the new Prosper202 Self-Hosted ClickServer

Q: Wow this is awesome, are you for real?
A: As real as real can get. Yes, after being taken offline since July 2016, Prosper202 Self-Hosted is now ready for download.

Q: Is it free?
A: Not this version, but it's priced fairly and within reach of most marketers

Q: Ok, so how much is it going to cost?
A: This is where I'll be slick and say, Prosper202 doesn't cost, it pays :) But seriously, the price is just $99 a month, or $3.30 a day. This comes with unlimited software updates, and unlimited installs. This means you can install Prosper202 on as many of your domains as you want for no extra cost. Later on, we will be launching an innovative new feature (aka: something that makes you more money and  makes your life easier) that will make you fully understand why we offer unlimited installs without paying extra. After the first year, you can continue to subscribe to support and updates. If you decide not to, you software will continue to work.

Q: Dude that's such a steal at only $3.30 a day! What's the catch?
A: There's no catch. You are getting the same quality software that people like you use to make millions in commissions every month.
  • You get an unlimited install license.
  • Professional live support.
  • Full unlimited source code to create your own customizations.
  • Free Training Videos to improve your marketing skills and much more.
But because I keep costs low, I can pass on huge savings to you. For instance, Bot202 answers a ton of support questions, and will be answering more over time, that allows me to not have to hire a whole team of support reps. Also thanks to the fact that you are so awesome and tell others about Prosper202, I don't have to spend money on advertising to get new customers, occasionally I'll still run ads to test out stuff, but over all, my ad spend is $0. Crazy eh? A tracking software for paid advertisers that doesn't do paid advertising.

Q: Does the software stop working if I cancel my subscription?
A: Absolutely not! You paid for it, so why should it ever stop working? That means once you buy the software, you can continue to use it forever. After you cancel free updates will end. So the version that you have is the one you will be stuck on. You can subscribe to get new updates and support at any time.

Q: Is the source code encrypted?
A: No, unlike other self-hosted tracking software, the source code for Prosper202 is completely open. So you can build upon it easily. BUT, this is not Free Open Source Software. It's paid software with the source code open for viewing and customization.

Q: Will you have free trials or demos?
A: No, not for now, most of you already have Prosper202 and know what you are getting. For everyone else, there will be a live demo available shortly.

Q: What are the server requirements?
A: Due to the new codebase, and road map for the future, Prosper202 1.9.43 needs a more modern server stack. The ideal specs are PHP 7+, memcached, and MySQL 5.6 or higher. I understand that some hosting providers will not be able to install and run the new Prosper202, so I've been talking with Tyler and his team over at BeyondHosting to make sure you have everything you need to run the new Prosper202 smoothly. They have been optimizing Prosper202 servers for almost 7 years, so they are experts in supporting Prosper202 and do it better than any other hosting provider. If possible just host with them.

Q: You are the best!
A: Thanks, I think you are the best too! Thanks for your business and support for all these years. I appreciate you, and look forward to many long years of doing business together.

Excited? You Can Get Prosper202 1.9.46 Here

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