Announcing New Priority Support Plans For Prosper202 Pro Customers
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Announcing New Priority Support Plans For Prosper202 Pro Customers
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments

Who do you turn to when you are stuck, need something resolved right away and have been racking your brain for hours with no success or solution?

Starting today, you can turn to us . The team behind Prosper202 can now be reached via private 1-on-1 chat directly inside of Prosper202 Pro.

We made a decision to end our free support in favor of a paid premium support program. This means we are able to invest more into your success. We've already hired a dedicated support manager for you, and our support team will keep growing to meet your needs. This means we are able to provide our paid support customers the fast service they need to be agile and stay competitive.

When you message us, you will talk directly with your own dedicated customer success manager. For more technical issues , you will have direct access to the the development team that builds and maintains Prosper202 Pro every day. So you'll get to a solution faster than you would have by going at it alone.

Here's What You Get With Each Plan

We created three support plans , with our goal of make it possible for even the newbie on a budget to be able to afford to get a support plan. More on this later.

Our Solo Plan gives you Unlimited Live Chat Support during Regular Business Hours (M-F 9am-5pm PST). You also get free access to our premium training webinars. For non-subscribers, these webinars will cost between $20-$100+ to attend and will depend on the content being discussed. You'll also have unlimited access to the last 90 Days Of Archived training webinars. If you ever need help installing Prosper202 Pro, you'll get 50% off our fees. Currently this means paying only $49 per install instead of $99.

Our Team Plan gives you 1 extra hour of support access before and after our regular business hours (M-F 8am-6pm PST). You get access to the webinar archives as well, but the difference here is that it also includes a full year of archives. If you need help installing Prosper202 Pro, it's totally free. Finally, if you ever need to show us your screen or talk to us, we give you 1 free 30 min screen sharing session via GoTo Meeting every month.

Finally, we have our Agency Plan . You get an extra 2 hours of support with support hours during 8am-8pm PST M-F. Similar to other plans, you get free webinar access and unlimited non-expiring access to all previous content. The plan also comes with the free installation service and four 30 min screen sharing sessions instead of one. Finally, you also get up to four emergency weekend and after hours support incidents.

Imagine you are working away late at night or on the weekend and get stuck on something and need help right away, you can ping us for help and if we are around we'll jump on a chat with you. If we are not around, your request will move to the front of the queue to be answered first during our regular business hours.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our support plans don't cost, they pay! Here's why, we've helped people on something that took a few mins to fix, after talking to them further we've found that that they had been stuck on the problem for days before deciding to reach out to us.

So the question is, how much is every hour of your time worth to you? Or, how many extra campaigns would you be able to setup if you had absolutely nothing holding you back?

We're are launching our support plans today at reduced introductory prices starting at only $19 a month . That means, it's totally affordable to everyone from the newbie to all the way up to the super affiliate.

Tell me more about the introductory price

To celebrate the launch of our new support plans and reward action takers, we have temporarily reduce the cost of all support plans. As long as you get in on the lower price and stay subscribed to the same plan, you will be locked into that lower price for good.

What Are You Waiting For?

Subscribe to one of our new priority support plans now , and know we'll have your back whenever you hit a sang and need a hand getting unstuck.

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