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Apr 12, 2012

AdMobix 10K Challenge

By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments
Last week, during ad:tech, I bumped into Neil Raj from AdMobix - the mobile focused arm of the AdCommunal and AdCanadian.

He mentioned that they were running a two month promotion for affiliates. The great thing is that this is not a contest where there is only one winner. As long as you generate 10k in revenue for the month of April or May you get an iPad - and you can get two iPads if you meet the requirements for both months.

Get Moving! We're Already 40% Done With April

If you start sending traffic today that works out to generating about $527 a day in order to ensure you qualify for April. For May you just have to do an average of about $323 a day to qualify. For smaller affiliates reading this, you can use the rest of this month to test campaigns and ramp up your sales.

Watch My Quick Interview with Neil About the AdMobix 10K Challenge

Here's What To Do Next:
First: Enter for the AdMobix 10k Challenge here.
Next: Generate 10k in sales this month, next month or even better both months in a row.
Finally: Profit and enjoy your fancy new iPad.



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