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About The New Prosper202

You may not heard this story, but there was a time when there were 12+ very cool people working on Prosper202 and Tracking202. We sold the company and eventually bought it back (It's a long story, so today I'll tell you the short version).

Most of the team have gone on to build some very cool stuff. Today, the team that builds Tracking202 and Prosper202 is made up of just two people. Me (Nana) and Oskars the awesome new developer I brought on board late last year. He's responsible for much of the new code in 1.8.x.

We are both believers in open source, and continue to build out software without encrypting a single line of code. We do this because we believe an open, extensible and flexible tracking platform is the most powerful way to empower you to fully customize and integrate Prosper202 into your business and workflow.

Our vision is to create the largest open platform and allow everyone in the Affiliate and Performance Marketing Industry to build upon and integrate with other platforms. We are already on the right track, because we have almost 100,000 Prosper202 users and an estimated 30,000+ of you are actively using Prosper202 every month! We are not yet at Wordpress numbers, but we're working on it :)

Our next few steps involve opening up the platform for developers, Affiliate Networks, Ad Networks and other 3rd parties to easily build extensions, add-ons and integrations into Prosper202. Partners will be able to tap into the large installed user base for instant distribution. Contact me if you'd like to be on the early notification list for our API, we already working with a partner to build out an integration with the Reporting API we just completed and we'd like to have more partners on board for our launch.

As you can see in the list below we've added many new features but there's a LOT more work to be done. Between the two of us, we tackling each feature one by one. But to get to where we plan to be, we'll be adding to our development team over the next few months to rapidly pick up the pace of development. If you are a developer looking to to contribute to the core Prosper202 platform, please get in touch.

Here's what we've added to Prosper202 since we launched 1.8.0

  • Completely redesigned beautiful new look and feel
  • Mobile user agent detection
  • GEO IP data
    • You'll now see city and country info in spy view and visitor view.
    • We've added two new GEO specific reports in the Analyze Tab
  • ISP/Carrier Detection
    • ISP and Carrier Info shows in spy and visitor view
    • New ISP/Carrier report in Analyze tab
  • Group overview now has an option to break down traffic by device type (Desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • New report in analyze tab for device break down
  • Eliminated the need to create a Landing page php redirect file, this is now built right into Prosper202
  • Expanded search engine referrer keyword detection
  • Bot and crawler detection. Your stats are gong to be even more accurate with a huge database of bots and crawlers. All bots are automatically filtered out. That pesky bing adbot will no longer throw your stats off
  • Reporting API - You can now pull your reports out of Prosper202 via an API call and do some cool stuff with it. For example, if you've ever wanted to do your own custom analysis on your data, you could pull that data right into a google docs spreadsheet
We still have a super long list of features being added before the final 1.8.2 release, take a look at some of the more interesting ones:
  • Expanded custom variable. Right now there's c1-c4. We are expanding that out to support 10-15 custom variable in total
  • HTML5 charts this will let you view beautifully rendered charts on your mobile device or tablet
  • API Integration with all your favorite networks (Pull offers, reports, place pixels, postbacks and more)
  • Full API to allow you to manage every aspect of Prosper202 without having to ever login
  • Smart Self Optimizing Rotator and Splittester (Split up traffic based on multiple factors, geo, browser time, carrier, time of day, day of week, and more then split test them and have Prosper automatically optimize where traffic is sent based on metrics such as conversion rate or eCPM)
Are we missing something you really need? We probably have it already on our roadmap document, but just in case, post a comment and let me know. I'll be personally reading every reply to make sure we didn't miss an important feature.

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