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A Simple Productivity Life Hack for 2014

2014 is here, and like millions of people you've probably made resolutions and set goals blah blah blah.

I'm willing to bet that there are many of you who didn't accomplish their 2013 goals. Why?

I believe in stacking the odds in your favor of succeeding. I've been using this technique for some time now, but I always have to come back and refresh because old habits die hard.

Today, to make it easier to focus on the important stuff I deleted apps (mainly games) from my phone that I've been using as time wasters. Think if it this way, you can't waste time playing games all day if you don't have any to play.

As of now, there are zero games on my phone, and all apps that are used to waste time are also gone. I've already noticed I'm on my phone less because of this. Giving me time to do the things I really need to work on.

I invite you to take the zero time waster challenge by deleting every single game and time sucking app from your phone. Doing this, doesn't guarantee that you are going to hit your goals, but it's one surefire way to increase your odds.

The ROI you'll gain from being able to test and tweak and extra campaign or two everyday could be life changing. You really owe it to yourself to try this simple life hack.

What are you waiting for? How many apps did you get rid of today? Comment below and I'd also like to hear about other things you've found helpful in the never ending battle to get and stay productive.

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