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5 Companies You Must Talk To At ASE15

Affiliate Summit East 2015 is just around the corner but this year, we are unable to attend we will miss you all as much as we know you'll miss us.  But not to worry, here are 5 companies and cool people you should meet up with while you are at #ASE15 and why it would be worth your while to do so.

1. Mobvista

If you have been ignoring mobile, here's a graph to make you realize what you've been missing out on.

Source: (Worth the read)

One of the fastest growing mobile affiliate focused networks is Mobvista, and if you are not already doing business with them you should be. They have a huge collection of premium offers, weekly payments via a wide range of payment options such as alipay and the expected bank/wire transfer Most importantly, they are a well funded stable company with tens of millions of dollars in the bank and over 260 team members in their Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing and San Francisco offices. When you meet them at Booth #6010 in the exhibit hall, look to talk with Iris or Stephanie. Both of them will be happy to talk to you.

2. WPEngine

Over 24% of all websites on the web are powered by Wordpress, and WP Engine is one of the top managed Wordpress hosting companies with over 30,000 customers and growing. They will be in Booths #9004 and #9005 in the exhibit hall. As a WP Engine Affiliate you will help them grow faster and in the process earn a minimum of $200 a sale or 100% of the first month payment if that's higher. Sign up to promote their affiliate program here, they are on ShareASale, then make sure to talk to Ashwin or David at their booth. Let them know we sent you, and they will be glad to show you how to best promote WP Engine.

PS: Ping me if you need help setting up P202 to track and optimize your affiliate campaigns on ShareASale

3. Dedicated Media

Where do the best mailers turn to for offers from the big brands you know and trust? Traditionally, it's been difficult to get these as CPA offers, however Dedicated Media's bread and butter is with performance based campaigns from top name brands that historically have not been available on a CPA format. They have been able to leverage relationships stemmed from it's display side of the house to secure the brands offerings on a CPA model. Meet them at Booth # 5008 in the exhibit hall, and if you see Brian let him know we said hi.

4. Adbeat

We've been fans of Adbeat for many years, and it's not just because the team is made up of some of the smartest people in the industry, they are they are also one of the best tools out there to quickly find what's working, how it's working and why it's working. It's reduces trial and error and ensure you have a higher chance of launching a successful campaign. They will be at Booth #4005 both Mike and Mark are super smart people to know so you will enjoy your conversation, find out about a great tool and learn something new as well. Talk about value for your time.

PS: Some of the coolest informative posts I've read this year have been on the Adbeat Blog.

5. OfferVault

If you've ever had a need to find an offer quickly, or make sure you are getting the highest payout for offers you are running, then you better be using OfferVault.  It saves you from having to search all over trying to find the offers you need, and when you need that extra $1 to hit profitability, but cant get it from your current network, a quick search is usually all that's needed to find a network with the payout you need. Make sure to meet Mark and the rest of the OfferVault team today at the Meet Market at Table #818.

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