22 Powerful Reasons Get Prosper202 Pro Today
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22 Powerful Reasons Get Prosper202 Pro Today
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments

We've been very busy since our last blog post. There are now 22 new features in Prosper202 Pro, and we are still only scratching the surface of everything we have planned for you. We also made just as many or more updates and fixes to existing features, but this post is just about the shiny new stuff.

Here's What We Have For You

New: Easily Display Dynamic Geo, (Country, Region, City, Country Code), Keyword, C1-C4, All utm variables, Browser type, Device Type OS and ISP information on your landing page. There's no javascript or php code to write, all you need is to paste in html for the values you want.

New: Country, Country Code , region, city, and UTM variable tokens for Step 3 and postbacks so you can dynamically pass these values into your tracking links and postbacks. 

New: HTML5 Charts for account overview with ability to chart multiple data points on a campaign basis. The new non flash charts also mean you will be able to view them on your mobile and tablet devices.

New: Ability to add users to your Prosper202 account. Each person gets their own username/password.

New: Create roles for your users. We even have a role that hides all your data like total earnings, or clicks so the user can see enough data to optimize campaigns but doesn't get a full view of exactly how much money you are making from the campaigns

New: Slack Integration all important changes and notifications will be posted to the slack channel of your choice. This means as your team is working on your account you get realtime insights on what's going on. Keep an eye on everything even when you are mobile.

New: Track costs by CPA. Now you can broker an offer out to someone else and track your costs

New: Group overview is much faster and powered by the new DataEngine

New: Conversion logs to see more details on conversion pixels and postback fires and also troubleshoot if your pixels are working. You can even search by subid to pinpoint the exact conversion

New: Updated GeoIP Database for more accurate geo location information

New: Updated UI Library for enhanced look and feel

New: Updated UserAgent detection to detect more browsers and bots

New: Ability to edit your tracking links after they have been created, you will never have to create new links or change them out at your ad network 

New: Prosper202 will now automatically import your old clicks into the new DataEngine Format. This is perfect for users upgrading from the old version of Prosper202 

New: Ability to copy an existing campaign or landing page to create a new one. This just saves you time

New: UTM variables are available in group overview reports

New: Device type is available in group overview reports

New: You can now totally blank out your referer when you enable cloaking. Another way to protect your campaigns from snoops

New: Support for google gclid and utm variables, track the same data as google analytics and also enables offline conversion tracking for mobile and more. 
New: Prosper202 App Store. Get new app and features for your Prosper202 just like wordpress plugins

New: Ability to set your own referer via t202ref= this is great for situations where you have placement info but the referer passed via a macro/token and the actual referer from the ad network is not useful for optimization

New: For upgrades that don't modify the database in a way that may affect live campaigns, Prosper202 will automatically perform the upgrade when you login next. This means you will always have the most current and feature rich version of the software at all time.

Of course we already told you about the DataEngine. This our blazing fast new reporting engine for Prosper202 Pro - Check out the post we did on this here

We are not even close to being done, with Prosper202 Pro. But, you are reading this post, you like what you've seen, and are excited about how much better your marketing would be if you had these features right now. Here's the good news:

You can get access to Prosper202 Pro right now..

Quick FAQ

Q: Can I easily upgrade my current version of Prosper202
A: Yes, Prosper202 Pro is a drop in replacement for the free prosper202. Once you upgrade it will convert all your settings to the new version and even port over your old data. Once it's ported, you will enjoy all the benefits we posted about above as well as blazing fast reporting.

Q: Is Prosper202 Pro hosted on your servers?
A: Yes Prosper202 Pro is still fully managed and hosted on our powerful, scalable and reliable cloud servers, so there's absolutely no software to install or servers to manage.

Q: Will I still have access to the source code?
A: Due to the fact that we host and manage everything as a SaaS server, the source code is no longer available for editing.

Q: Is there a restriction on how many domains I can install Prosper202 Pro on?
A: Not at all! You may purchase add-on domains and use Prosper202 Pro on as many domains as you own.

Q: How about support?
A: Every single license of prosper202 Pro come with support directly from the development team. You'll get direct access to someone who's knowledgable and able to resolve your issues quickly. No clueless outsource teams here who will only frustrate you further.

Q: Is there a monthly fee I have to pay or is this a one time payment?
A: Prosper202 Pro Cloud is priced as a monthly payment. Your purchase comes with private cloud hosting, support, and free upgrades.

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