Prosper202 Pro Version 1.9.26 Is Live
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Nov 25, 2015

We recently pushed Prosper202 1.9.26 live to the download servers, and already have a lot of users who have upgraded to this new release. For upgraders, apart from a few bug fixes, we do not have many new additions but if you are doing a fresh install of Prosper202 you will benefit from a huge performance upgrade due to a whole series of database optimizations.

Making Your Prosper202 Faster and More Scalable

We added intelligent partitioning to all the click reporting tables. In the past this was only used in the main clicks table. Partitioning allows the database to break up large tables so it doesn't have to read all the data when running reports. This means that as your tables grow bigger, reports that you run will still be snappy and responsive.

Due to the amount of resources needed to add partitions to existing tables that are already large, we made the decision to only add partitions to new installs. It's still possible to get partitions added to your old Prosper202, it's a manual process that we can do for you. Ping us via our support chat to get details and pricing.

Affordable for everyone

Additionally Prosper202 can now be installed on more hosting providers because we modified the installation process to check to see if your host supports partitions before trying to add partitions to your install. In the past we made this a requirement which meant users on most shared hosting plans were unable to use Prosper202.

We still highly recommend using a VPS server for best performance, however this change ensures the users who need Prosper202 on an affordable hosting plan can now get access to the world class level attribution and tracking that the Prosper202 Pro ClickServer provides.

Better Reporting of Organic Traffic

Finally, we've added a way to report on clicks with no PPC Network. Usually these are users that cam in via organic traffic or direct type in traffic. For anyone who's big in SEO, this makes it easier to see the data that really matters to you.

Big things coming

We've been working on a lot of exciting new initiatives that will simplify your workflow, make you more effective and transform the way you market and work with your affiliate networks. Our first step was building out our Direct Network Integration with Hasoffers (Other platform and Networks are in the pipeline), but there's a lot more to come. We are super excited about wha this will mean for the industry as a whole and will start posting more about what we have very soon.

Happy Thanksgiving for all of you who may be celebrating tomorrow.

How To Boost Profits With Intelligent Rules Based Redirects
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Nov 04, 2015

Have you ever paid for desktop traffic and found you are getting clicks from mobile devices. Or maybe you bought clicks for specific geographic locations only to see that you are getting traffic for geos you don't want. Until now, you probably wasted those clicks as a cost of doing business. But you don't have to.

With the Prosper202 Pro ClickServer, you can setup intelligent rules based redirects that filter and directs traffic to the most optimal offers based on the rules you define. So now the mobile clicks can be sent to a mobile optimized offer, and you can send all the wrong geos to offers that can actually monetize those clicks.

The whole setup process for this is super easy. Here's a video showing you how to setup a few simple rules.

Exclusive Beta Test Invitation

What if there was a way to automatically monetize all the traffic you didn't want in the most optimized and profitable way possible? We've been cooking up something in our labs and you can be first to get your hands on this. Interested?

Request A Beta invite

Note you will be redirected back to this page once you fill out your info. Please check your email for the next steps.

Setting Up An A/B Split-Test With Prosper202 Pro
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Nov 04, 2015

We've had a built-in way to simply rotate offers in Prosper202 for a while now, however the ability to easily split-test things such as landing pages, or assign different weights to the individual links and offers was a little more complex and often involved manually editing a php script of some sort.

A New Fully Integrated Advanced Split-Tester

In Prosper202 Pro, split testing is now natively built in. You now have a beautiful and intuitive user interface to interact with, which makes setting up your split-test simple and quick.

You are able to mix and split-test an unlimited combination of campaigns, landing pages and urls, this means we are able to create any test you can think of and have it up and running in minutes.

Look At How We Setup An A/B Test With No Coding

In this tutorial video below we'll show you how to setup an A/B test and generate your tracking link.

As you can see, it's now very easy to split-test anything you need with Prosper202 Pro. To get access to this new feature, download and install Prosper202 Pro. It's 100% Free.

How We're Making Accurate Cost Tracking In Prosper202 Pro Easier
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Nov 02, 2015

Tracking exact costs correctly is an important part of running and managing your campaigns because this data is tied directly to your profitability or lack of it. Our main method of allow you to update your cost data has been via the update tab, where you could pick a date range and retroactively change the average CPC.

In Prosper202 Pro we have made a few key changes to make it easier to track your costs and keep them as close to your actual costs as possible.

Dynamic Cost Variable via t202b

When working with networks that allow you to pass the exact CPC of a click into your tracking link, Prosper202 Pro can use the t202b= variable to pass in the exact costs. We've made it so that you can turn this feature on and off as needed, so you won't get unexpected modifications of your cost data from 3rd parties.

Another way of using this new feature is for situations where you have one campaign but different bids based on the device type or geo. So for example, you may pay $0.50 for desktop clicks and $0.10 for mobile clicks. With the t202b variable, you can now setup the different bid amounts directly on the tracking link without having to create multiple tracking links for each device or geo.

Editable Tracking Links

For as long as Prosper202 has existed, one of the perhaps strange functionality was the fact that after creating a tracking link, it was gone forever. If you ever need to change something about the link, you'd simply make a new one. The obvious downside of this is that your ads would have to go through approval again if you put in a new tracking link. In Prosper202 Pro, you now have access to all your previous tracking links which means you can also edit anything about the link. This is really handy for changing the pre-enter CPC or CPA of the link without having to resubmit your ads. As your bids increase or drop, you can just reflect those changes in Prosper202 Pro so that your cost data is in sync.

Announcing New Priority Support Plans For Prosper202 Pro Customers
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Oct 21, 2015

Who do you turn to when you are stuck, need something resolved right away and have been racking your brain for hours with no success or solution?

Starting today, you can turn to us . The team behind Prosper202 can now be reached via private 1-on-1 chat directly inside of Prosper202 Pro.

We made a decision to end our free support in favor of a paid premium support program. This means we are able to invest more into your success. We've already hired a dedicated support manager for you, and our support team will keep growing to meet your needs. This means we are able to provide our paid support customers the fast service they need to be agile and stay competitive.

When you message us, you will talk directly with your own dedicated customer success manager. For more technical issues , you will have direct access to the the development team that builds and maintains Prosper202 Pro every day. So you'll get to a solution faster than you would have by going at it alone.

Here's What You Get With Each Plan

We created three support plans , with our goal of make it possible for even the newbie on a budget to be able to afford to get a support plan. More on this later.

Our Solo Plan gives you Unlimited Live Chat Support during Regular Business Hours (M-F 9am-5pm PST). You also get free access to our premium training webinars. For non-subscribers, these webinars will cost between $20-$100+ to attend and will depend on the content being discussed. You'll also have unlimited access to the last 90 Days Of Archived training webinars. If you ever need help installing Prosper202 Pro, you'll get 50% off our fees. Currently this means paying only $49 per install instead of $99.

Our Team Plan gives you 1 extra hour of support access before and after our regular business hours (M-F 8am-6pm PST). You get access to the webinar archives as well, but the difference here is that it also includes a full year of archives. If you need help installing Prosper202 Pro, it's totally free. Finally, if you ever need to show us your screen or talk to us, we give you 1 free 30 min screen sharing session via GoTo Meeting every month.

Finally, we have our Agency Plan . You get an extra 2 hours of support with support hours during 8am-8pm PST M-F. Similar to other plans, you get free webinar access and unlimited non-expiring access to all previous content. The plan also comes with the free installation service and four 30 min screen sharing sessions instead of one. Finally, you also get up to four emergency weekend and after hours support incidents.

Imagine you are working away late at night or on the weekend and get stuck on something and need help right away, you can ping us for help and if we are around we'll jump on a chat with you. If we are not around, your request will move to the front of the queue to be answered first during our regular business hours.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our support plans don't cost, they pay! Here's why, we've helped people on something that took a few mins to fix, after talking to them further we've found that that they had been stuck on the problem for days before deciding to reach out to us.

So the question is, how much is every hour of your time worth to you? Or, how many extra campaigns would you be able to setup if you had absolutely nothing holding you back?

We're are launching our support plans today at reduced introductory prices starting at only $19 a month . That means, it's totally affordable to everyone from the newbie to all the way up to the super affiliate.

Tell me more about the introductory price

To celebrate the launch of our new support plans and reward action takers, we have temporarily reduce the cost of all support plans. As long as you get in on the lower price and stay subscribed to the same plan, you will be locked into that lower price for good.

What Are You Waiting For?

Subscribe to one of our new priority support plans now , and know we'll have your back whenever you hit a sang and need a hand getting unstuck.

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