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We Made Prosper202 Pro 1000000X Faster
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Jan 28, 2015

One of the biggest requests we've had from you was to make the reports in Prosper202 faster, and to find a solution to the problem of having to delete data from your database to speed things up.

We went to work and spent many months perfecting this, and we think you are going to blown away at how much performance we've packed into the new Prosper202 Pro.

Take a look and see for yourself, but don't blink you may miss it


But, also know that, this is just one of the many new features available in Prosper202 Pro right now.

If you want to have access to this today, we have a few more spots available in our early access program and would love to have you join us.

In a future post we will talk about what we did to pull off this huge performance increase.

Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers - January 2015
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Jan 01, 2015

It's a new year and time for our monthly reports on the top networks used by Prosper202 marketers. Since this is no longer the first report we are now adding a new metric to the report that shows the growth of new users for each networks.

Overall, the Prosper202 user base grew by 16%, adding a fresh new batch of data for analysis.

There are still 11 networks being represented and there was a minor shift in rankings. Clickbooth and MUNDO both gained a position while C2M and Appflood lost rankings. Peerfly, Maxbounty and Neverblue are still the #1, #2 and #3 networks for the 2nd month in a row. Peerfly's total market share dropped a bit from 46.93% to 46.89%. Both Maxbounty and Neverblue gained market share this month.

In terms of user growth, Mundo, Appflood, and PKM were the top networks Growing at a rate ranging from 32.10% to 21.17% Below is the new data for January. Numbers in green mean an improvement from the previous month, while read means a drop.

Most Popular CPA Networks - January 2015

Rank Network Market Share Growth
1 Peerfly 46.89% 15.79%
2 MaxBounty 39.55% 17.16%
3 Neverblue 34.89% 17.24
4 CPAWay 24.99% 19.27%
5 A4D 24.59% 18.16%
6 Clickbooth 24.33% 20.07%
7 C2M 23.94% 18.66%
8 Above All Offers 22.79% 20.43%
9 PKM 19.99% 21.17%
10 MUNDO Media 16.38% 32.10%
11 Appflood 16.12% 31.23%
Click to view last month's data for reference

A Guaranteed Way To Dominate in 2015
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Jan 01, 2015

I want you to keep one thing in mind this year, and base all your actions on this one truth.

Data is King*

*But not all data is created equal

Google is the leading search engine because they have and return the best data to their users.

Successful people seek out the best data and take action based on what the data says.

The marketers generating the most leads and sales are doing so because they have the best data on what works and doesn't work.

Without quality actionable data, you are never going to drive meaningful change in your life and business. In 2015, the data driven approach is the only sure fire way to predictable success, and any other way means you are leaving your results to luck and chance.

How do you get the best data?

You can get data in multiple ways. 3rd party data comes from outside sources. You usually know very little context about the data except for the fact that it's presented to you. The exact collection methods are usually a black box. Additionally," 3rd party data is easy to get and readily available. So although you can make decisions based on this data, you will not always get the best results. It gives you a general overview and a better starting point for the framework I will share with you in a bit.

Next, there's 2nd party data. Think of this as more selective data that you've partnered up with someone to access. For example, data you get from a private mastermind can be seen as second party data. It's someone else's first party data that you can benefit from. There's less of it available than 3rd party data and usually harder or more expensive to get, but it's also the next best thing to first party data.

The absolute best data you can get is the one you observe and generate for yourself. This is what I call first party data, it's highly relevant and directly applicable to your exact needs. Your current and future life experiences are all first party data. With proper tracking and analysis, you can leverage this data in powerful ways.

The simple 4 step data-driven decision framework

  1. Figure out the result or solution you are trying to get.
  2. Generate a hypothesis based on the data you have from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parties. A hypothesis is an educated guess or idea that will lead you closer to what you are seeking in step 1. It may take more than one hypothesis to get to your answer, but it's best to test one at a time. Also, the more 1st and 2nd party data you have, the higher quality your hypothesis will be, and the faster you will progress towards your solution. If you have no 1st or 2nd party data, find and use 3rd party data.

    Two big mistakes people make are not using any data for the hypothesis, and assuming the hypothesis is always true.

    The likelihood that someone out there has done what you are trying to do is pretty high, so there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Building off previous data is an accelerator that will save you headaches and time if used correctly.
  3. No matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are, never make the mistake of blindly assuming your hypothesis is correct and needs no further testing or refinement. The world is constantly changing, and the only way to keep ahead of the pack is to refine and test constantly. Data gets old, stale, and less actionable over time.

    Test your hypothesis to verify correctness. If the results don't match your hypothesis, you have two options: Refine and change your hypothesis to align with the outcome and test again, or select a completely new hypothesis for more testing. I find that rapidly testing a set of hypotheses before refining is more effective, because it gives you a wider set of knowledge to work with before diving deep into the refinement process.
  4. . Knowing something valuable is cool, but you know what's cooler? Implementing and living life based on this knowledge. The whole idea behind this process is to generate quality first party data to guide your decisions.

You can see how doing this effectively creates a compounding effect. Your goal is to understand there are 3 types of data for basing your decisions on. With that in mind, you want to rapidly accumulate and implement the quality knowledge mined from your first party data, but this only comes from running your own experiments.

Secondly, realize that although you can do this alone, you will move faster by building off other people's work and experience. Seek out 2nd party data first, because it's more aligned with your needs and augment it with 3rd party data as needed.

Finally, keep feeding everything you gain back into this system to continually stay relevant. Over time you will find that the whole process gets faster and more efficient because the quality, breadth and depth of your inputs (data) keeps improving.

You now have a better understanding of how to make data-driven decisions to power through your New Year's Goals and achieve everything you set out to do in 2015 and beyond.

Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Nov 24, 2014

Starting in the 1.8.x release of Prosper202, users are able to create a user profile. As part of this profile, they are also able to indicate the networks that they run offers on.

I thought it would be interesting to share this information. Starting next year we will publish this data on a monthly basis.

As of now there are 11 networks available to be chosen from the list, and the ranking is based on the percentage of Prosper202 marketers that have indicated they work with the network.

Peerfly is currently the clear winner right now in terms of Prosper202 marketers who run offers with them. This could have something to do with all the cool Prosper202 related posts on It's also interesting to note that there are a few thousand affiliates between the network in the #1 spot and the one in #11.

No network has cracked the 50% Prosper202 marketshare mark yet, Peerfly is very close followed by Maxbounty and Neverblue.

Most Popular CPA Networks

  1. Peerfly - Used by 46.93% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  2. MaxBounty - Used by 39.12% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  3. Neverblue - Used by 34.49% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  4. CPAWay - Used by 24.28% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  5. A4D - Used by 24.11% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  6. C2M - Used by 23.48% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  7. Clickbooth - Used by 23.38% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  8. Above All Offers - Used by 21.93% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  9. PKM - Used by 19.12% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  10. Appflood - Used by 14.37% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  11. MUNDO Media - Used by 14.24% Of Prosper202 Marketers

We hope to have more networks represented for our next report. I expect the rankings to shift quite a bit since a few thousand new users would have created Prosper202 profile between now and then. Until next time, enjoy this realtime map of all the cities in the world where you will find Prosper202 users.

Announcing Prosper202 1.8.7
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Oct 03, 2014

Prosper202 1.8.7 is now available for download and installation. If you are a user of Prosper202 1.8.4 and higher please use the easy 1-click update built into the software.

Prosper202 1.8.7 is primarily a bug and performance fix because all new development work being focused on the upcoming Prosper202 Pro.

Prosper202 1.8.7 Change Log

  • New: Prosper202 will pass extra variables from your tracking links on to the campaign link. This makes it easier to pre-pop offers.
  • Improved support for new traffic sources.
  • Minor speed improvement for users with large databases.
  • Fixed bug: Cookie error for landing pages. Where subids were not being passed.
  • Fixed bug: Prosper202 didn't notice an auto updated system initially.
  • Fixed bug: Versions were not being compared correctly for changelogs
  • Fixed bug: Error messages where set_time_limit is not allowed
  • Fixed typo: Landing page screen
  • Added Missing Robots.txt.
  • Fixed Javascript bug on the pixel page.
  • Fixed formula for payout.
  • Fixed formatting for the iframe pixel.

If you have any comments or comments, feel free to message me via the in app messaging system. Just click the circle with the blue question mark.

Not Yet On Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.7? Download it now

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