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Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Nov 24, 2014

Starting in the 1.8.x release of Prosper202, users are able to create a user profile. As part of this profile, they are also able to indicate the networks that they run offers on.

I thought it would be interesting to share this information. Starting next year we will publish this data on a monthly basis.

As of now there are 11 networks available to be chosen from the list, and the ranking is based on the percentage of Prosper202 marketers that have indicated they work with the network.

Peerfly is currently the clear winner right now in terms of Prosper202 marketers who run offers with them. This could have something to do with all the cool Prosper202 related posts on It's also interesting to note that there are a few thousand affiliates between the network in the #1 spot and the one in #11.

No network has cracked the 50% Prosper202 marketshare mark yet, Peerfly is very close followed by Maxbounty and Neverblue.

Most Popular CPA Networks

  1. Peerfly - Used by 46.93% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  2. MaxBounty - Used by 39.12% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  3. Neverblue - Used by 34.49% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  4. CPAWay - Used by 24.28% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  5. A4D - Used by 24.11% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  6. C2M - Used by 23.48% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  7. Clickbooth - Used by 23.38% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  8. Above All Offers - Used by 21.93% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  9. PKM - Used by 19.12% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  10. Appflood - Used by 14.37% Of Prosper202 Marketers
  11. MUNDO Media - Used by 14.24% Of Prosper202 Marketers

We hope to have more networks represented for our next report. I expect the rankings to shift quite a bit since a few thousand new users would have created Prosper202 profile between now and then. Until next time, enjoy this realtime map of all the cities in the world where you will find Prosper202 users.

Announcing Prosper202 1.8.7
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Oct 03, 2014

Prosper202 1.8.7 is now available for download and installation. If you are a user of Prosper202 1.8.4 and higher please use the easy 1-click update built into the software.

Prosper202 1.8.7 is primarily a bug and performance fix because all new development work being focused on the upcoming Prosper202 Pro.

Prosper202 1.8.7 Change Log

  • New: Prosper202 will pass extra variables from your tracking links on to the campaign link. This makes it easier to pre-pop offers.
  • Improved support for new traffic sources.
  • Minor speed improvement for users with large databases.
  • Fixed bug: Cookie error for landing pages. Where subids were not being passed.
  • Fixed bug: Prosper202 didn't notice an auto updated system initially.
  • Fixed bug: Versions were not being compared correctly for changelogs
  • Fixed bug: Error messages where set_time_limit is not allowed
  • Fixed typo: Landing page screen
  • Added Missing Robots.txt.
  • Fixed Javascript bug on the pixel page.
  • Fixed formula for payout.
  • Fixed formatting for the iframe pixel.

If you have any comments or comments, feel free to message me via the in app messaging system. Just click the circle with the blue question mark.

Not Yet On Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.7? Download it now

Learn Traction and Earn 3 FREE Months of Tracking202!
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Sep 29, 2014

On Thursday, September 18th, we held a webinar with Justin Mares, who co-authored The Traction Book with Gabriel Weinberg, founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo (a search engine). If you are a startup founder, marketer, or anyone looking to scale a business and get traction, this book is for you.
In case you missed the webinar, we've included a video replay (HD Version Available):

The book includes interviews with many successful founders as well as research and growth stories that I believe anyone can learn from. These include some of the most successful founders who have built successful companies in all sorts of industries and will give you a better understanding of how founders do it in Silicon Valley. But more importantly, it teaches you repeatable traction tactics and strategies you can use in your own business.

Limited Time Offer Expires October 7th

As a limited time offer, for anyone who purchases the book with verified sale, we will offer 3 months of free Tracking202 Beginner Edition. This is a $297 value ($99/month). We believe this book is well worth it and there is a lot of information you can learn from.

Here's What To Do Next

  1. Watch the webinar replay above
  2. Download 3 free chapters and get purchase details here
  3. Email me your purchase receipt to traction@tracking202

Tutorial: Is Your Current Server Setup Costing You Big Time?
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Jul 21, 2014

I get requests for help with scaling issues so often that I thought I'd take some time to create a series of articles about the topic. Today I'm going to talk about architecting your server stack for better efficiency.

If you are like most people I talk to, you have one multiple purpose web server. It runs your Prosper202 ClickServer, databases, and hosts your landing pages. You may even be using it to host your Wordpress blogs as well. When things start to slow down you contact your friendly hosting partner and request a bigger faster server, everything still runs on the same server, but it's more powerful. You may not realize this, but you are wasting resources and not getting the best out of your technology budget

I'd like to propose a a better way

Instead of lumping everything up together into one server, break things up into multiple specialized servers. The simplest upgrade to what you are probably doing right now is to have a dedicated app server and a database server.

The App Server

As the name implies, the App server is where all your applications reside. This includes your Prosper202 ClickServer software, Wordpress, and any other scripts that you may have for your marketing and business needs. You are now free to optimize your configurations to enable that server to run scripts and applications efficiently.

The Database server

You will now have a dedicated machine just for your databases. On this machine you can eliminate all the server process and applications that have nothing to do with running a database. For example, you don't really need php on the server that runs your database. So this frees up more memory and cpu for your database to do what it does best. You can also spend more on components that really matter to your database such as the best and fastest SSD hard drives, and memory upgrades.

By employing the concept of specialization, you are able to get the most of out your hardware. But most importantly, your entire technology stack runs more smoothly. Later on, when you are ready to scale up to an even more efficient and high availability setup, you will have the building blocks needed to start off on the right track.

Taking things to the next level of geekness

Here's an example of a setup that you could have your tech team build out for you.

All traffic is sent first to a load balancer. Think of a load balancer as a traffic director. The load balancer will then forward the traffic on to one of your multiple app servers. This means that you will have more than one server handling your traffic. At the minimum you can have 2 app servers, but 3 is even better. With 3 app servers, each one can handle 33% of your server load and if something goes wrong with one server, the load balancer will automatically stop sending traffic to that machine, and redirect everything to the remaining two servers. This also allows you to do maintenance or swap in a new server with zero downtime.

Next, you have your caching layer. Usually this is something like Memcached. You can run this as a standalone server or if you have extra ram available, you could run it on each of your app servers. The cache layer speeds up database read operations by allowing you to not to use the database constantly for reading data. Instead of doing a database query, it can pull that data directly from RAM. This alone can speed things up by 10x or more, because RAM is so much faster than even the fasted SSD hard drives. We built our BlazerCache Technology on top of Memcached, so to activate it, just install a Memcached server and tell Prosper202 where to find it. BlazerCache will be activated automatically.

Finally, you have your database servers. You will have the main database, and a replica or replication database. The replica is kept in sync with the main database and is ready to take over in the event of any down time on your main database server. You can also use the replica for read only operations. When you are running reports, since you are not actually changing any of the data already saved in your Proper202 ClickServer, the replica database is perfect for this. So you offload all the reporting work to that replica, leaving the main database with more resource to focus on writing new data as quickly as possible.

Now you know that having your servers perform specialized tasks can help you achieve better performance, scalability and availability from your server. For anyone doing serious volume, the bottle neck created by an inefficient server setup costs thousands in lost revenue, sometimes on a daily basis. I hope this quick guide puts you on the right path to solving your growing pains.

Your Homework For Today

Talk to your hosting provider about splitting things up onto a minimum of two servers. I've made the architecture diagram available in PDF format to share with your tech team when you are ready to upgrade your server setup.

Alternatively, you may also want to signup for a hosted Tracking202 ClickServer account. We take care of all of this for you and more. Download Optimized Tracking Server Architecture Diagram (PDF: 143kb)

My team and I are also available to consult and build out complex system architectures like this and better with a limited number of clients every month.

Hey Networks and Advertisers We Built This For You Too
By Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, View comments - Jul 02, 2014

Imagine this scenario: What if you were given a way to share your best offers with your publishers? And unlike with email, every single one of them would see your message without having to pass the spam filters or fighting for attention along with hundreds of other emails?

What if you were handed a system to message thousands of quality new publishers who want to hear from you?

What if all the friction of setting up your offers were eliminated, allowing your publishers to get up and running at a click of a button? No more technical issues, and now your publisher managers can spend more time building relationships with your publishers instead of trying to do tech support.

All this may feel like a pipe dream, and I felt the same way too, until I found we were getting 100% open rates and almost 20% click through rates on our communications with publishers -- publishers like the ones looking to hear from you right now.

We were able to do all of this with our all new Targeted Direct Messaging System (TDMS), which is built into the new version of Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.x.

So now, if you want to send a message to only the publishers who aren't already working with you, it's simple. You can even filter by experience level, specialty, traffic sources used, and more.

How about if you have a brand new offer you want to get some traffic on? Just use our TDMS to connect with the publishers who are already active and have accounts with you. They'll see your message inside their Prosper202 ClickServer, and this is optimal moment and place to reach them because they are in the right place and mindset to take action right away.

Once they decide to take action and test the offer, they simply have to click a button, instead of having to login to their publisher accounts, finding the offer, copying the link, and then coming back to Prosper202 to get it setup and formatted for correct tracking. We can even automatically set up postbacks and pixels. By now you can see how this would get more publishers actively testing your campaigns.

We are doing all of this so that you can help your publishers to generate more revenue, and since your success is tied to their success, it's a clear win-win for everyone.

So now you've read what we have to offer, you see how it can benefit your business, and you want to be a part of this right away. Great! We'd love to have you on board. We have a few spots open for an early adopter limited beta for a handful of Networks and Advertisers.

Click now to get started

Include a short introduction and details about your network or offer.

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