Features Of Prosper202 Self-Hosted Tracking ClickServer & Analytics Platform For Digital Marketers
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Prosper202 ClickServer On Unlimited Servers For 1 Simple Flat rate of $202 a year

That's Less Than $0.56 A Day

Unlimited Privacy

With our On-premise Prosper202 ClickServer, all your proprietary marketing data stays on your own servers. In the competitive world of performance marketing, you can rest assured knowing only your team and clients have direct access to your data.

Unlimited Clicks

You'll never be charged for the number of clicks you send through your On-premise Prosper202 ClickServer. Send a million or a billion clicks a month, the sky is the limit.

Unlimited Installations

One License is all you need to install Prosper202 ClickServer on as many domains as you need. Running an agency? Install a private Prosper202 ClickServer for them at no extra cost.

Unlimited Automatic Updates

Your monthly License includes Unlimited Automatic Updates. Your ClickServer will alway be up to date with the newest features.

Unlimited Live Support

Have a question? Just ping us via your personal built in support chat widget, choose to talk to Bot202 you personal automated assistant or choose to talk to a real person. No more support tickets.

Unlimited Data Retention

Your click and conversion data is valuable. Why only have a few months of data retention when you can keep it forever?

Unlimited Freedom

You'll get direct, unencrypted access to the Prosper202 ClickServer source code. This means the Freedom to customize it as you want.

Some Of The Powerful Features Of Prosper202 ClickServer Pro
Feature Prosper202 ClickServer Pro
100% Fully Self Hosted Yes
Install On Unlimited Domains Yes
Open Source Code Yes
Scalability: Unlimited Clicks A Day Yes
Support: Premium Support From Direct From Developers Yes
New: Leave Behind Functionality for boosted conversions Yes
New: Bot202 Link Assist for automaticate affiliate link setup Yes
New: Leave Behind Functionality for boosted conversions Yes
Advanced Tag Management Yes
Multi-User Login Yes
Split Testing Yes
DataEngine 2.0 - Blazing Fast Reports Yes
Slack Integration Yes
Google Analytics Integration 2.0 Yes
Google Offline Conversion Support Yes
Unlimited Custom Variables Yes
CPC & CPA Cost Tracking Yes
Pixel & Postback (S2S) Conversion Tracking Yes
Fire 3rd Party Pixels (FB, Adwords Etc) Yes
Conversion Logs Yes
Multi Currency Support Yes
Editable Tracking Links Yes
Tv202 Training Yes
Dynamic Content Segments: Easily Personalize Landing pages with visitor's city, state, browser, ip and more Yes

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