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  • Unlimited Server Install License (Perfect For Your Marketing Team or Agency)
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Privacy (All data stays secured on your servers)
  • Unlimited Clicks (You don't pay for clicks or a percentage of ad spend)
  • Unlimited Data Retention (Keep your data for as long as you want)

Unlimited Installations

One License is all you need to install Prosper202 ClickServer on as many domains as you need. Running an agency? Install a private Prosper202 ClickServer for them at no extra cost.

Unlimited Privacy

With our On-premise Prosper202 ClickServer, all your proprietary marketing data stays on your own servers. In the competitive world of performance marketing, you can rest assured knowing only your team and clients have direct access to your data.

Unlimited Clicks

You'll never be charged for the number of clicks you send through your On-premise Prosper202 ClickServer. Send a million or a billion clicks a month, the sky is the limit.

Unlimited Knowledge Base Support

If you ever need help, our support site has all the answers.

Unlimited Live Support - Optional Paid Upgrade

Have a question? Just ping us via your personal built in support chat widget, choose to talk to Bot202 your personal automated assistant or choose to talk to a real person. No more support tickets.

Unlimited Data Retention

Your click and conversion data is valuable. Why only have a few months of data retention when you can keep it forever?

Some Of The Powerful Features Of Prosper202 Unlimited ClickServer Pro v1.9.55
Feature Prosper202 Unlimited ClickServer Pro v1.9.55
100% Fully Self Hosted Yes
Install On Unlimited Domains Yes
Scalability: Unlimited Clicks A Day Yes
Support: Premium Support From Direct From Developers Yes - Paid Upgrade
New: Leave Behind Functionality for boosted conversions Yes
New: Bot202 Link Assist for automaticate affiliate link setup Yes
New: Leave Behind Functionality for boosted conversions Yes
Advanced Tag Management Yes
Multi-User Login Yes
Split Testing Yes
DataEngine 2.0 - Blazing Fast Reports Yes
Slack Integration Yes
Google Analytics Integration 2.0 Yes
Google Offline Conversion Support Yes
Unlimited Custom Variables Yes
CPC & CPA Cost Tracking Yes
Pixel & Postback (S2S) Conversion Tracking Yes
Fire 3rd Party Pixels (FB, Adwords Etc) Yes
Conversion Logs Yes
Multi Currency Support Yes
Editable Tracking Links Yes
Tv202 Training Yes
Dynamic Content Segments: Easily Personalize Landing pages with visitor's city, state, browser, ip and more Yes

Take a look at our full release Change Log to see what's new

Version 1.9.55 - Released Feb 14th 2020

  • New: Support for Chrome Samesite=none and secure requirement
  • New: PayKickstart Integration for Bot202 Link Assistant and Affiliate IPN for conversion tracking
  • New: Deferred Pixel Now Supports PurLinks
  • New: API Access To All Setup Data (Steps 1-8)
  • Update: Ability to remove all pixels from ppc account
  • Update: PurLinks on Simple Landing pages can now be updated dynamically via JavaScript call
  • Update: New Useragent detection list
  • Update: New Traffic source icons for LinkedIn & Yahoo
  • Update: Landing page JavaScript uses cache buster to ensure better tracking
  • Update: Duplicate emails no longer allowed when adding a new user
  • Fixed: Postbacks and pixels with ¤cy were displaying wrong
  • Fixed: Url vars with a . were being replaced with _
  • Fixed: Manual Triggering Of Deferred Pixel Checker
  • Fixed: Conversion logs reports show manual and api conversion type
  • Fixed: Conversion logs filtering by subid or campaign works
  • Fixed: Conversion logs reports needed 2 clicks to run
  • Fixed: PHP warning when expected url variables were not used
  • Fixed: Currency Exchange Works with postbacks
  • Fixed: Google Ad GCLID export header csv fixed
  • Fixed: Google Ad GCLID uses conversion time instead of click time
  • Fixed: Bot202 Link Assistant wasn't working
  • Fixed: Bot202 Facebook Pixel Assistant wasn't fully installed

Version 1.9.54

  • New: Bot202 Facebook Pixel Assistant
  • Update: More accurate exchange rates
  • Update: Deferred Pixel fires on background mobile tabs
  • Update: Sentinel T.Q.E has improved fraud detection tuning
  • Fixed: Cron Jobs Don't Overload Servers with lots of data
  • Fixed: Group overview show correct stats when doing breakdown with c1-c5 and utm variables
  • Fixed: Deferred Pixel works on external domains
  • Fixed: Browsers details were not showing in spy/visitor view
  • Fixed: Initial Overview screen wasn't showing all data

Version 1.9.53

  • Fixed: IPQS api column was not created
  • Update: Tracking links automatically use https if secure server detected
  • Update: Auto upgrade messsage wording

Version 1.9.52

  • New: Advanced Deferred Pixel Support
  • New: FBCLID value is identified and saved
  • New: Fraudulent Click Detection and Filtering
  • New: [[FBCLID]] token
  • New: Purlink support for advanced landing pages
  • New: Background automated cron jobs
  • Update: Up to 10x redirect speed boost for large databases
  • Update: Centralized Reporting System
  • Update: Ignore DNT header
  • Update: Sortable columns on all reports
  • Update: Currency exchange rate values update on each new conversion
  • Update: Upgrades that take a while will not time out
  • Update: Landing page sets the right domain and subdirectory
  • Update: Adblocker warning removed
  • Update: Output javascript header for landing page javascript
  • Update: Switch to utf8mb4_general_ci in reports
  • Update: MySQL strict mode disabled
  • Update: Ability to get the landing page url from a get variable instead of referrer
  • Update: Better strict mode disabling
  • Update: Improved alp/slp code management
  • Update: SSL based redirects for referer shield if server has ssl installed
  • Update: Group Overview shows IPv6 addresses better
  • Update: PurLink performance enhancements for faster and better tracking
  • Fixed: Automatic 202-config.php settings transfer was passing blank values
  • Fixed: Simple landing page code works if installed in a subdirectory
  • Fixed: Charts were not showing all data
  • Fixed: ipv6 didn't work on older database versions
  • Fixed: Visitor download report works
  • Fixed: Maxbounty uses s2 for bot202 LinkAssist
  • Fixed: LP doesn't double count visits on Safari

Version 1.9.51

  • New: GDPR Compliance Options To Mask IP and Cookieless Functionality
  • New: Prosper202 Postback can be used as Webhook url for Shopify conversion tracking
  • New: Ability To Remap Default Prosper202 Url Varables To Custom Varables
  • New: PCI value available on dynamic content segments and t202DataObj
  • New: Support for Bing MSCLKID for offline conversions
  • New: Dynamic content segments can now display dynamic dates on landing pages
  • New: Up To 10x faster Zero Redirect PurLink Redirects
  • New: [[CPA]] Token
  • New: Support for ipv6
  • New: Support for php 7.2
  • New: Smart Redirector can now id European traffic for GDPR and other uses
  • New: AdBlocker Detection to ensure Prosper202 dashboard works as expected
  • New: PurLinks now support pages that use forms for lead gen
  • Update: All api calls use https
  • Update: If a public click id is missing in the url, find it from the database
  • Update: Support for newer browsers such as Brave
  • Update: Improved the logout to be more secure
  • Update: Spy View will use the read only database if it exists
  • Update: 202-config-sample.php now includes read only database
  • Update: Maxbounty uses s1 for LinkAssist
  • Update: Direct links work even when database is offline with BlazerCache
  • Update: Group Overview reports more accurate
  • Update:Faster Bot Detection Code
  • Update: Switch to new GEOLite2 Database
  • Update: Cron jobs will run more frequently
  • Update: Big deletion jobs will run in batches
  • Fixed: Tokens were not being pass correctly
  • Fixed: Device type report in group overview was not correct
  • Fixed: Users were not able to reupload subid conversion data if it had been deleted
  • Fixed: Cloaked Landing Pages didn't redirect correctly
  • Fixed: Cron jobs use more accurate times
  • Fixed: API Key wasn't being loaded correctly
  • Fixed: Conversion log was calculating wrong date difference between first click and conversion
  • Fixed: More secure database error page
  • Fixed: Some new clicks were not getting set with ip address

Version 1.9.50

  • New: Login page wallpaper
  • New: [[transactionid]] token
  • New: Mailchimp, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Quora icons for spy & visitor view
  • Update: Refresh Facebook, Twitter, Youtube icons for spy & visitor view
  • Update: Advanced Landing Page Javascript
  • Update: Pixel url validation
  • Fixed: Correct display of links in step 8
  • Fixed: Duplicate Conversion checker for the dedupe pixel/postback option
  • Fixed: Update Currency didn't save the new settings
  • Fixed: Only create publisher ids if random_bytes() function exists
  • Fixed: Memcache error in DataEngine reports
Version 1.9.49
  • Fixed: Smart Redirector wasn't passing values into tokens
  • Fixed: No chat widget for publishers
  • Fixed: Limit publisher ability to see ppc accounts, landing pages and campaign lists

Version 1.9.48

  • New: Create Internal Affiliate Program with new Publishers feature
  • New: View Transaction Id Report in Group Overview
  • New: View Publisher/User Report in Group Overview
  • New: Support for downgrading from newer version down to 1.9.48
  • New: [[t202pubid]] Token for dynamically passing public publisher id to other urls and postbacks
  • Fixed: Link To Text Ads
  • Fixed: Prosper202 API won't list deleted landing pages
  • Fixed: Iframe pixel code fixed
  • Fixed: CLickbank postback/ips url works in PHP7
  • Fixed: Fix for users installing in subdirectory
  • Fixed: Upgrade Check Typo Bug

Version 1.9.47

  • New: Bot202 LinkAssist Support for additional networks
  • New: Dynamic Content Segments Supports IP address display
  • Fixed: 1-Click Auto Updates work

Version 1.9.46

  • New: Bot202 Link Assist Automatically Detects and auto format affiliate links with [[subid]] token
  • New: Auto check landing pages to make sure the lp javascript is placed
  • New: Async Landing page Javascript snippet with automatic support for https
  • Update: Improved less confusing installation flow
  • Fixed: Bug with geoip when php geoip module is installed on server
  • Fixed: Bug with upgrade from versions older than 1.9.3
  • Fixed: Workaround for when SERVER_NAME is _
  • Fixed: Database changes during upgrades and new installs

Version 1.9.45

  • New: Zero Redirect PurLink Technology For Landing Pages
  • New: Advanced Landing Pages now support Leave Behind links for extra revenue
  • New: Ability to get secure LP javascript
  • Update: The Smart Redirector allows for substring matching in the referrer url rule
  • Update: Landing page Javascript loads faster for even better tracking
  • Fixed: Redirect issues on some Smart Redirector links
  • Fixed: Day parting report sorts hourly by default
  • Fixed: Hourly Overview reports sorts data hourly by default
  • Fixed: Landing Page Tracking Error
  • Fixed: Login issue during setup for some users
  • Fixed: Fixed width layout

Version 1.9.44

  • Update: User Interface Design Improvments
  • Update: Min PHP Requirement Dropped to 5.4
  • Update: Min MySQL Requirement Dropped to 5.5
  • Fixed: Direct Link Tracking Error
  • Fixed: Landing Page Tracking Error
  • Fixed: Cloaked link redirect error
  • Fixed: Subid upload error

Version 1.9.43

  • New: TV202 For Training Videos
  • Update: Removed AppStore
  • Update: Removed Rapid Ad Builder
  • Update: Requirements Support MariaDB
  • Update: Subid uploads are faster
  • Fixed: Subid Upload Error

Version 1.9.42

  • Update: Faster pixel firing and redirects
  • Fixed: Query error for custom variables fixed
  • Fixed: Clickbank verification url fixed
  • Fixed: 3rd Party piggy back postback firing correctly
  • Fixed: Secondary users can now see reports
  • Fixed: Error with updating CPC when installed in subdirectory

Version 1.9.41

  • New: You can create custom variables that save data into c1-c4 and t202kw variables
  • New: New option for setting default traffic source. Allows for better organic SEO tracking
  • Fixed: Don’t show deleted variables in the custom variable report
  • Fixed: Cleaned up confusing ui on landing page setup

Version 1.9.40

  • New: Leave behind functionality to increase landing page revenue
  • New: Landing pages use secure links if secure Javascript snippet is used
  • New: Support for read only database for performance boost
  • Update: Default to sorting reports by leads
  • Update: Optimized all images
  • Update: No meetup, system or version update checks
  • Update: Expanded the layout width to 80% instead of fixed 1028px
  • Update: Deleted unneeded footer links and text
  • Fixed: 3rd party piggyback postbacks were not firing
  • Fixed: Tokens in the redirect URL were not being fired if not set in tracking url

Version 1.9.39

  • New: Ability to hide ads
  • New: Support for read only database for performance boost
  • Update: Redirect links with work in any directory. Phase 1 of being able to remove 202 finger prints from url
  • Update: Optimized smart redirector by not saving to spy view
  • Update: Turn on Maxmind ISP database for everyone
  • Update: Faster DataEngine Querys for Reporting
  • Update: Improved support for both memcache and memcached
  • Update: Improved error message for database fails
  • Update: Updated GeoIp File
  • Fixed: Deleted unneeded ajax calls on home page
  • Fixed: Rapid Ad Builder was adding the words click to edit into links
  • Fixed: Big reports don't show memory limit errors
  • Fixed: General memcache related bugs
  • Fixed: Pagenation related error fixed

Version 1.9.38

  • New: We detect prefetch links from Facebook and other bots so stats are not thrown off
  • Update: Conversion Logs now track manual uploads
  • Update: New GeoIp Databases
  • Update: You will now get even more enhanced details about your smart rotators when looking at Spy view & visitor view
  • Update: Your smart rotator now supports tracking of custom traffic source variables
  • Fixed: Smart Rotators didn't always show due to our filtering widget
  • Fixed: Smart Rotators can now be filtered when creating links on step 8

Version 1.9.37

  • New: Conversion pixels are now able to completely ignore duplicate conversions by setting adding &t202dedupe=1
  • Update: Spy view & visitor view shows more complete information on your Smart Rotators. This makes it easier to see which offers users saw and clicked on.
  • Update: We've improved the way we link and report stats for rotators that send clicks to landing pages. You will see less double counting in your stats.
  • Update: The landing page Javascript loads the code faster to ensure better tracking of visitor.

Version 1.9.36

  • New: Ability To Upload Directly To Facebook Ads via Rapid Builder
  • New: Updated all API endpoints to https for enhanced security
  • Update: New Geo IP Location Detection Database
  • Update: New User Agent Browser Detection Database

Version 1.9.35

  • New: Added RevContent support for RapidBuilder.
  • Fixed: Various Bug fixes.

Version 1.9.34

  • New: Added Ability to edit tokens in your RapidBuilder url.
  • New: Tokens pre-populate from RapidBuilder tracking url.
  • Fixed: RapidBuilder UI tweaks.
  • Fixed: Various Bug fixes.

Version 1.9.33

  • New: Added Ability to edit feeds you have already generated
  • New: You can now preview all the ads and removed unwanted combinations before generating the feed
  • New: Simple way to add your Prosper202 Customer API key to your account with 1-click
  • Fixed: Uploaded images had the wrong path
  • Fixed: Conversion logs show the right pixel type
  • Fixed: AdvancedAdvanced landing pages dropdown ui fixed to allow filtering
  • Fixed:Header added to Adwords offline conversions file
  • Fixed: [[source_id]] and other tokens work for landing pages
  • Fixed: Show currency for CNY,INR and RUB in campaign setup page
  • Fixed: Manual upload timestamp accepts human readable values

Version 1.9.32

  • New: Prosper202 Native AdBots Beta 1
  • Fixed: Various Bug fixes

Version 1.9.31

  • New: Multi Currency Support. Prosper202 automatically converts payouts into your local currency.
  • New: Support for windows servers with php installed
  • New: Support transaction ids that allow tracking of multi-step offers
  • New: Subid upload page now support transaction ids
  • New: Adwords Offline Conversions Export
  • New: Clickbank support for multiple conversions, upsells and refunds
  • New: Ability To Redirect Filtered Visitors in Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by C1-C4 value Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by t202kw value in Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by utm variables value in Smart Redirector
  • New: Ability To Redirect by referer value in Smart Redirector
  • New: Optimized redirect speeds for Smart Redirector
  • New: Mobile App Deeplinks support for campaign urls
  • New: Pixel url validation for Universal Smart Pixel
  • New: Smart Redirector support for ip ranges
  • New: Auto Database Optimization - Keeps your database size optimized automatically
  • New: Custom Variables report runs multiple times faster
  • New: Support for transaction ids in pixels, postbacks and manual conversion uploads
  • New: Brand new design for step 9 pixels and postback page.
  • New: Prosper202 Customer API key to unlock extra Premium functionality
  • New: Group overview report now includes pagination for reports with multiple pages
  • New: Support for Memcached in addition to Memcache
  • New: Support for MySQL Strict Mode
  • Fixed: Fixed Bug where smart rotators and advanced landing pages were not showing in step 8
  • Fixed: APC Bug where cache wasn't being cleared on upgrade
  • Fixed: Smart Rotators modal loads correctly
  • Fixed: No errors show when DNI server is offline
  • Fixed: Improved click deletion functions
  • Fixed: Error in spy/visitor view display when location was unknown
  • Fixed: Dynamic Bid for Simple Landing Pages is recognized
  • Fixed: For some users setup tab was missing after an upgrade
  • Fixed: Fixed support for all tag in Smart Redirector so it's case insensitive
  • Fixed: Fix for auto increment sometimes being set to 0 in the clicks counter
  • Fixed: Advanced Landing Page Smart Redirector works better for split tests
  • Fixed: Date formatted in US format in account overview
  • Fixed: Password reset emails were not getting sent
  • Fixed: In visitor/spy view, No PPC Network selection filters correctly
  • Fixed: Ability to disable mysql strict mode
  • Fixed: Improved installation script to reduct errors
  • Fixed: Improved pagination for reports with multiple pages
  • Fixed: Conversion logs no longer shows errors when you choose a custom time range
  • Update: Removed report caching feature
  • Update: Conversion Logs moved into main reports section
  • Update: Optimized Analyze Variables Report for speed
  • Update: Visitors download report now includes revenue column

Version 1.9.30
  • New: Prosper202 Customer API key to unlock extra Premium functionality
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes for stability and performance.

Version 1.9.29

  • New: Performance Optimizations for Direct Links
  • New: Support for PHP 7
  • New: Quick Activation of DNI Networks
  • New: Global Postback url accepts POST data
  • New: [[sourceid]] token to pass ppc account id for better source tracking and segmentation by the network
  • New: Filter by subid
  • New: Inline Help documentation links
  • New: Easy link to premium MaxMind database purchase
  • New: API Endpoint For ClickServer Version
  • Fixed: Advanced Landing pages on step 4 listed alphabetically
  • Fixed: Timezone for GMT 0 + works correctly
  • Fixed: Document Roots that are symlinks are correctly detected
  • Fixed: Chart data displays correctly
  • Fixed: Chart customization modal closes correctly
  • Fixed: List of landing pages displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Autocron was not registering correctly
Version 1.9.28
  • Fixed: Group overview reporting on all ppc networks even when only one network was selected
  • Fixed: New landing pages were not being saved
  • Fixed: Overview report shows direct link and simple landing page stats

Version 1.9.27

  • New: Instant Deep Link Offer Setup via DNI (Direct Network Integration)
  • New: Table for tracking subids is cleared daily for performance purposes
  • New: Performance tweaks for referrer tracking table (New installations only)
  • New: Prosper202 Pro installs and Runs On Shared Hosting Plans
  • Fix: Error with drop downs not working with DNI has been fixed

Version 1.9.26
  • Fixed: Group overview filtering for PPC Networks
  • Fixed: Alignment of dropdown values
Version 1.9.25
  • New: Allow users on servers with no partition support to still install Prosper202 Pro
  • New: Ability to run reports on traffic that come from no ppc networks (For example organic traffic)
  • New: Added info on how to use Dynamic Content Segments on landing pages
  • New: Ability to specify which url variable to use as the t202kw value
  • New: Quickly type and filter any of the data in Prosper202 drop downs
  • New: Optimize tables with partitions for new installs of Prosper202 Pro
  • New: Optimized code for C1-C4 custom variables
  • New: Skip option for VIP Perks modal
  • Fixed: Reports pages will not show errors when there is no data
  • Fixed: Only live landing pages show in dropdown
  • Fixed: Fixed various issues for users who have Prosper202 installed in subdirectories
  • Update: Optimized custom variables reports page
Version 1.9.24
  • New: Added filter options for sidebar lists (campaigns, networks, etc)
  • New: Support For Dynamic Cost for Redirector
  • New: Support For Dynamic Cost for Simple/Advanced Landing pages
  • New: Easy token entry for t202kw (dynamic keyword), t202ref (Dynamic referer) and t202b (Dynamic Cost)
  • Fixed: Filter by landing page on group overview
  • Fixed: Charting Display Bug
  • Fixed: Bot Detection bug
  • Fixed: Empty Array reporting bug
  • Fixed: Hourly breakdown display fixed
  • Fixed: MYSQl api related bug
  • Fixed: Cleaned up some unused code
  • Update: Removed warning about text ads when generating tracking link
  • Update: New user agent detector to detect more browsers etc
  • Update: New Geo Ip database for improved location detection
  • Update: URL rotator removed from step 3
  • Update: 1-click upgrade alerts user if they are missing settings to make it work

Version 1.9.23
  • Fixed: Bug in dynamic bid amount code for direct links
Version 1.9.22
  • New: Separate tables on Account Overview for Campaigns and Landing pages
  • New: Support for dynamic bid amount via t202b= variable
  • New: Progress bar for DNI integrations so you see how much time is left for caching offers
  • Fixed: Filtering and results count on visitor tab works better
  • Fixed: Users on strict mode for mysql had errors with setup and using the software
  • Fixed: Resized text ad preview
  • Fixed: User gets redirected to correct page when logged out of mobile view
  • Fixed: CTR is correct on mobile view
  • Fixed: Long GCLID values were being cut short
  • Fixed: Filtering in overview and charts
  • Fixed: Undefined index error for cloaked links
  • Fixed: Deleted custom variables were still showing on step 8
  • Fixed: Page title on step 8 wasn't showing correctly in the browser
  • Update: New indexes for c1-c4 tables when doing a new install. This will make everything faster
  • Update: New indexes for custom variables table
  • Update: New favicon next to DNI networks in step 3
Version 1.9.21
  • Fixed: Bug fixes after upgrading and DNI ping back
  • Fixed: Typo on the account page
  • Fixed: Broken link on the admin page
  • Fixed: Sorting error in the reports
Version 1.9.20
  • New: Direct Network Integration listing have description and icons

Version 1.9.19
  • New: Direct Network Integration
  • New: Remember me feature
  • New: [[timestamp]] token
  • New: Check for Mcrypt on setup of Prosper202
  • New: Check for Mcrypt before user can setup Clickbank Integration
  • Fixed: Checks for writable folder uses exact directory needed
  • Fixed: Undefined constant error fixed in rotator
  • Fixed: Default Landing page in rotator
  • Fixed: Ability to show ISP data with comma in name
Version 1.9.18
  • New: Two-way communications with WP Plugin
  • Fixed: Auto upgrade fixes
  • Fixed: Keyword and Referer Filter work now
  • Fixed: Rotator shows all landing pages
Version 1.9.17
  • New: Two-way communications with WP Plugin
  • Fixed: Get Advanced Landing page code bug fixed
  • Fixed: Redirector wasn't showing all landing pages
  • Fixed: Auto upgrade doesn't show an error
Version 1.9.16
  • New: After login you will be redirected to the page you were trying to look at
  • Fixed: Landing page bug tracking fixed

Version 1.9.15
  • New: Support for installing Prosper202 in a subdirectory
  • New: Support for Official Prosper202 Wordpress Plugin
  • New: ISP And Carrier information available in download report
  • New: [[referer]] & [[referrer]] token support for all locations that accept tokens
  • New: Landing page setup page now includes easy token insertion buttons
  • Update: Spy view loads multiple times faster
  • Update: Visitor loads multiple times faster
  • Fixed: Pagination improvements
  • Fixed: Bug in modal window display
  • Fixed: For split-testing you can use both ALL or all as values
  • Fixed: Bug with utm_source and utm_medium being stored in wrong location
  • Fixed: Bug in referer report that made it return too many results
  • Fixed: Bug where pixels were not deleting correctly on step 1
Version 1.9.14
  • Fixed: Universal Smart Pixel setup was overwriting pixel urls
  • Fixed: ISP and Carrier Detection for the redirector tracks better
Version 1.9.13
  • New: Universal Smart Pixel Can Fire Multiple Types of Pixels
  • Fixed: Results count on spy view is more accurate
  • Fixed: Tooltips display better
  • Fixed: Filters in spy view don't show sql errors
  • Fixed: IP Address Detection is improved
Version 1.9.12
  • New: Visitor View and Spy View Reports run faster
  • New: Ability To Split-Test offers on landing pages
  • New: Ability to detect correct ip address when using firewall or loadbalancer
  • New: Raw pixel option in Universal Smart Pixel now allows tokens to be passed in
  • Fixed: Deleted campaigns do now show landing pages in redirector
  • Fixed: Daily email reports showed wrong numbers
  • Fixed: Link to Overview fixed

Version 1.9.11
  • Fixed: Reporting API did check for correct encoding
  • Fixed: Added Missing Include File
  • Fixed: Mobile site shows correct data
  • Fixed: Fixed problem with filtering by keyword
  • Fixed: Rotator caused issues with saving updates when modifying existing rules
  • Fixed: Improved method of checking for partitions support
  • Fixed: Missing link to login page if Prosper202 is already installed
  • Fixed: Graph data displays better when set to show by hours
Version 1.9.10
  • New: Autocomplete for Traffic Sources
  • New: Autocomplete for Categories and affiliate networks
  • New: Check to see if server meets requirements before new installation
  • New: Export to excel for in custom variable report
  • New: Improved upgrade speed for older users
  • New: Improved DataEngine imports for upgrades
  • New: Applebot detection
  • New: VIP Perks survey shows only new questions
  • New: On new installs, 202_site_urls table is more efficient
  • Fixed: Missing header added to auto upgrade file
  • Fixed: Display long keywords better in visitor and spy view
  • Fixed: Mobile site shows correct data
  • Fixed: Simple landing pages pickup t202kw as the keyword
  • Fixed: Deleted clicks get deleted from DataEngine as well
  • Fixed: Custom variables get picked up on the landing page
  • Fixed: Custom variables get added when generating links for landing pages
Version 1.9.9
  • New: Prosper202 Pro Logo
  • Updated:Smart redirector supports 'all' tag
  • Updated: Smart Rotator renamed to Smart Redirector
  • Fixed: Daily emails not sent if no data
  • Fixed: Smart Redirector for split-testing
  • Fixed: Clickbank ISN reporting tracks sales
  • Fixed: More efficient click deletion code

Version 1.9.8
  • New: Bot Filter Database
  • Fixed: Rotator redirections
  • Fixed: Removed Auto Monetizer Place Holder
  • Fixed: Landing pages passes url variables
  • Fixed: Removed API keys section
  • Fixed: Daily email can now be set to never without error
Version 1.9.7
  • New: Daily Email Reports
  • New: Loading indicator for data
  • Improved: Faster account overview loading
  • Fixed: Bing Devex Keyword bug fix
  • Fixed: Referer Search bug
  • Fixed: IP search bug
  • Fixed: Column sort bug
Version 1.9.6
  • New: Split-testing functionality
  • New: Automatic cron jobs without needing to manually set it up
  • Improved: Bootstrap latest version
  • Improved: Jquery latest version
  • Improved: Data engine performance, reduction in cpu loads
  • Improved: Clickbank ISN support v6 of the api
  • Fixed: utm_source was being assigned to the keyword

Version 1.9.5
  • New: Full user role implementation. with restrictions on what can be done in your p202
  • New: You can clone an existing landing page
  • New: Ability to dynamically displays ISP, Device, Postal code on landing page
  • New: Ability to to set cloaking option. You can either blank the referrer or show you Prosper202 Pro domain only
  • New: Auto upgrade Prosper202 Pro for any updates that don't modify the database in any way.
  • New: Slack Integration Phase 2 all actions performed in your P202 will be sent to a slack channel named Prosper202
  • New: Before you could only display one Dynamic Content Segment on the page, now you can have as many as you want.
  • New: Unlimited custom variables and tokens
  • New: Campaign overview shows overview like what we had in non Pro version of Prosper202
  • New: Status page in admin section for cron jobs. This will let you know when the last cron was run and help to debug when the job isn't setup correctly
  • New: GCLID and utm variables will show in downloaded report in the visitors tab
  • Improved: Parallel processing of conversion old data into new faster format
  • Improved: Improved more efficient way to update data engine that uses less server resources
  • Improved: For new installations the maximum payout amount for a campaign is now $100,000 instead of $999
  • Fixed: Deleted or deactivated users can't login
  • Fixed:Geo location for when location can't be found works better
  • Fixed: Mobile filtering works better
  • Fixed: Illegal offset error when creating tracking links
  • Fixed: PPC Network didn't auto select when editing a existing link
  • Fixed: Slack notifications when editing tracking link
  • Fixed: Better support for when user doesn't have ISP database from MaxMind
  • Fixed: Manual download link for Pro links to correct page
  • Fixed: Campaign overview shows multiple advanced landing pages better
  • Fixed: Bug showing php code at the bottom of visitors page
  • Fixed: When downloading reports the entire report will download instead of just what you see on screen
  • Fixed: Updating CPC works better
  • Fixed: Bug that prevent keywords from filtering correctly

Version 1.9.4
  • New: Easy Display of Geo(Country, Region, City, Country Code), Keyword, C1-C4, All utm variable, Browser type, OS on your landing page
  • New: [[country]], [[country_code]], [[region]], [[city]] tokens for step 3, and postbacks
  • New: HTML5 Charts for account overview with ability to chart multiple data points on a campaign basis.
  • New: Ability to add users to your Prosper202 account. Each person get's their own un/pw.
  • New: Slack Integration Phase 1: Soon All important changes and notifications will be posted to the slack channel of your choice
  • Updated: On new installations keywords can be up to 150 characters instead of 50
  • Fixed: Display and Formatting bug for Firefox
  • Fixed: Bug on landing page campaigns was showing wrong referer information
  • Fixed: EPC on account overview was calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed: Custom date ranges increase in hourly increments
Version 1.9.3
  • New: Group by device type in group overview
  • New: Track cost by CPA
  • New: Group overview is much faster and powered by the new DataEngine
  • New: Conversion logs to see more details conversion pixels and postback fires
  • New: Updated GeoIp Database for more accurate geo location
  • New: Updated UI Library
  • New: Updated UserAgent Parser to detect more browsers and bots
  • New: Ability to edit your tracking links after they have been created
  • New: Prosper202 will now automatically import your old clicks into the new DataEngine Format
  • New: Filter by referer
  • Fixed: Bug in how leads were counted in campaign overview is fixed
  • Fixed: Excel Report download feature re-added
  • Fixed: Device type filtering bug in group overview fixed
  • Fixed: IP address filtering bug in reports fixed
  • Improved: Landing page names display better on the reports
Version 1.9.2
  • Improved: Copied Campaigns have (Copy) Appended to the campaigns name so you can tell you are in the process of copying the campaign

Version 1.9.1
  • New: Ability to copy an existing campaign to create a new one.
  • New: UTM variables are available in group overview.
  • New: Device type is available in group overview.
  • Updated: Text field for landing page url has be change to text field.
  • Updated: Rotator ui updated and new monetizer placeholder added.
  • Fixed: You can now sort reports by clicking the header.
  • Fixed: DataEngine now updates for actions done on the update tab.
Version 1.9.0
  • New: DataEngine fast new reporting engine for Prosper202 Pro.
  • New: Meta Referer set to origin for Cloaking.
  • New: Tokens for utm variables.
  • New: Support for google gclid and utm variables.
  • New: Prosper202 App Store.
  • New: Ability to set your own referer via t202ref=.
  • Improved: C1-4 variables can now store up to 350 characters.
  • Improved: Better more accurate firing of conversion pixels.
  • Improved: Ability to pass in subid for image and iframe pixels.
Version 1.8.11
  • Fixed Bug: Filtering via keyword, ip, or referer doesn't cause an error
  • Fixed Bug: 1-Click Update correctly finds new updates.
  • Update: Landing pages track traffic better via finger printing
  • Update: Improved browser detection
  • Update: Improved GEO Detection
  • Update: ClickBank IPN support for version 6
Version 1.8.10
  • Fixed Bug: Advanced landing pages showed a query error when using built in outbound link.
  • Update: Templates now use UTF 8.

Version 1.8.9
  • Fixed Bug: On Admin Screen if you had a lot of clicks you would see an out of memory error
  • Fixed Bug: Debug code removed from code
  • Improved: Better query for url look ups
  • Improved: Device finger printing to redirect users when cookies are removed
Version 1.8.8
  • Fixed bug: Outbound clicks on ALP were not being recorded in database.
  • Fixed bug: Campaign not showing for rotators.
  • Fixed typo: On Advanced Landing Page setup.
  • Fixed typo: Text Ads setup.
Version 1.8.7
  • Fixed bug: Cookie error for landing pages. Where subids were not being passed.
  • Fixed bug: Prosper202 didn't notice an auto updated system initially.
  • Fixed bug: Versions were not being compared correctly for change logs.
Version 1.8.6
  • Fixed bug: Error messages where set_time_limit is not allowed
  • Fixed typo: Extra < on landing page screen
Version 1.8.5
  • New: Prosper202 will pass extra variables from your tracking links on to the campaign link. This makes it easier to pre-pop offers.
  • Improved support for new traffic sources.
  • Minor speed improvement for users with large databases.
  • Added Missing Robots.txt.
  • Fixed Javascript bug on the pixel page.
  • Fixed formula for payout.
  • Fixed formatting for the iframe pixel.
Version 1.8.4
  • Internet Explorer cookie javascript issue fixed.
  • New redesigned Rotator.
  • Old tables migrated to InnoDB.
  • Version
  • Group Overview MySQL error
  • Fixed memory problem
  • Internet Explorer Detector
  • Simple Landing page javascript code conflict with jQuery
  • Version
  • SSL bug fixed
  • Global Post Back bug fixed
  • Setup wizard tweaked
  • Version
  • Check if geoIP model exist
  • Some code tweaks
  • Version 1.8.3
  • Brand New Look & Feel
  • VIP Perks System
  • Enhancements for Mobile
  • Database enhancements
  • New postback response codes
  • Enhanced security
  • Expanded user agent detection
  • Bot, search engine crawler detection and filtering
  • New reports for GEO, User Agent and Platforms
  • New group overview segments
  • New report filters
  • New Reporting API
  • Landing Page redirect url
  • Improved support for organic traffic
  • Smart post click redirection rules
  • Raw universal smart pixel
  • New tokens for universal smart pixels
  • Clickbank API integration
  • 1-Click auto upgrade
  • New async javascript for lp javascript
  • Expanded timezones
  • Reports caching
  • Ability to delete clicks prior to a certain date
  • BlazerCache redirects
  • BlazerCache downtime protection
  • Smart Rotator