Prosper202 Affiliate & CPA Network Partner Program

Affiliates need quality networks to work with just as much as networks need quality affiliates to work with. As a Prosper202 Network Partner we help you get in front of the affiliates you need in the most efficient way possible. We are building technology and tools to facilitate profitable interactions between both affiliates and networks. Out first product for networks is the Direct Network Integration (DNI) Program

Our Network Partners

G4Offers: Sky's The Limit

AdCommunal is a performance based online marketing provider for advertisers, publishers and online affiliates.

G4Offers: Sky's The Limit

G4Offers is a unique CPA Affiliate Network that features a wide variety of verticals and offers. One click campaign setup for all Tracking202/Prosper users.

The Power Of Direct Network Integration

The first problem we are tackling for both you and your affiliates is the elimination of all friction and human error associated with the offer setup process. This mean that your affiliates will be able to find your best offers and quickly get them setup in their Prosper202 account with a simple click. In the back ground we automatically pull in all the details of the campaign and correctly format tracking links with subids and tokens. Additionally all needed postbacks and pixels are automatically setup in your network's backend. All this means, the days of spending multiple hours in the offer setup process are now over.

Benefits of DNI

On the surface DNI may seem like a quick way for your affiliates to save time when setting up offers from your network, however with this come a whole set of other benefits that result in more revenue for both your network and affiliates.

Some of these benefits are:

DNI Setup Requirements

Excited about DNI and looking for how to get setup right away? We thought you'd be. Here's are the simple requirements needed to get your network integrated and available to all your affiliates and the tens of thousands of Prosper202 users looking for a quality network like yours to work with.

  1. We currently support networks running on the HasOffers Platform. (We will be expanding to other providers such as CAKE based on demand)
  2. Your network must be generating a minimum of $1,000,000 in gross revenue every month
  3. Your network must be committed to providing your publishers with the tools and support they need to succeed

If you meet the 3 simple requirements, the next step is to start a conversation with us. We are available to chat with you, just click the blue and white chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. Someone from our team will be happy to help you out.