Prosper202 Hosting Technology Partner Program

Are you a quality hosting provider looking to grow your business? We can help. Prosper202 Pro is downloaded and installed by thousands of affiliates every month. All of them need hosting that's reliable and scalable. As a hosting technology provider, we'll connect you with a multitude of new customers looking for hosting from companies such as yours.

Our Current Prosper202 Pro Hosting Technology Partners

Benefits of Being A Prosper202 Hosting Technology Partner

Prosper202 Hosting Technology Partner Requirements

Looking to get started as a Prosper202 Hosting Technology Partner. Here's are the simple requirements needed to get your company integrated and available to all your affiliates and the tens of thousands of Prosper202 users looking for a quality host like yours.

  1. Committed to supporting the growth of Open-Source Tools such as Prosper202 Pro
  2. Prosper202 Servers must be VPS or dedicated servers
  3. Prosper202 Servers must come with Prosper202 Pro pre-installed or activated via a 1-Click installations system such as Softaculous
  4. Prosper202 Servers must have memcached installed and ready for use
  5. Prosper202 Servers must be able to be upgraded with an SSL cert
  6. At least one senior staff member that's knowledgeable in Prosper202 and its technical server requirements

If you meet the simple requirements, the next step is to start a conversation with us. We are available to chat with you, just click the blue and white chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. Someone from our team will be happy to help you out.