Features Of Prosper202 Marketing Cloud Platform
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New: Self-Hosted On-Premise Version

Have full control of your data and software. Comes will full source code to enable you to customze Prosper202 to meet your needs. No monthly subscriptions needed, just pay once a year for unlimited installations, unlimited suport and unlimited upgrades each year.

Marketing Cloud Version Means No Software To Install & No Servers To Manage

Get started right away, with no software to install and No servers to pay for or manage. We take care of it all for you, so you can focus 100% on marketing. We manage and maintain your infrastructure on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. You’ll always automatically have the most recent version of Prosper202 Marketing Cloud, and with our ability to infinitely scale up automatically, there’s no such thing as your servers crashing due to too much traffic.

No Single Point Of Failure

Our servers are all highly reliable and available, so you never have to worry about lost revenue because of server crashes. This is because there is no single point of failure. We have multiple copies of every server that can automatically take over whenever there's an issues

True $0 CPC Billing: Never Pay By The Click

With other services, the more clicks you generate, the more expensive your costs get. Not with us. Every one of our plans allows you to buy and send unlimited clicks a month to your tracking servers. There are no per click costs, overages, and anything that looks remotely like that. You get One Simple Flat Rate with absolutely No Billing Surprises Or Overages.

Private Domains With Custom Name servers

We offer you your own private domain with custom name servers setup just for you. This means that your tracking domain will have its own reputation and not affected by other customers.

Free SSL Certificates

Your custom domain also comes with its own SSL certificate, enabling you to use secure conversion pixels.

Private Database with Realtime Backups

Your Data is secured and stored in your own private database. Many SaaS solutions use one big database table to store all their client's click and campaign data. In addition to the fact that your private data is mixed up with everyone’s data, you also suffer from performance issues.

Brand New: Rapid Ad Builder For Native Ads

Quickly Upload Ads Directly To Facebook Ads, Taboola, Outbrain and other native ad networks via Rapid Builder

Built For Mobile Marketing Campaigns

We’ll automatically detect device types and models, allowing you to get full insights into your mobile targeted campaigns.

A/B Split Testing

Run unlimited weighted split tests to discover your best marketing message and offer. Once a winner is found, you can easily pause the non-converting tests and automatically send all clicks to the winning campaign.

Conversion Tracking & Pixels

Use image, iframe, Server to Server postback or our Universal Smart Javascript Pixel to track simple and multistep conversions in real time. You'll always be able to see how your campaigns are performing without waiting for delayed reporting from 3rd party systems.

Our proprietary Universal Smart Pixel uses an intelligent attribution algorithm to automatically attribute and fire unlimited 3rd party pixels based on the ad network or channel that generated the conversion. This means you'll never over pay for leads attributed to 3rd parties due to a pixel misfire.

Conversion logs let you review and see more fine grained details on all your conversion pixels and postback fires.

Blazing Fast Redirect Links

Our BlazerCache™ technology speeds up redirects to ensure sub second response and performance. In the event of a database downtime, BlazerCache downtime protection makes it possible to keep redirecting clicks to the final destination.

Fast Asynchronous Javascript Tags

Our asynchronous visitor tracking Javascript will never slow down your pages, meaning no costly loss of sales due to a slow page load time.

Real-time Currency Conversion

With Multi Currency Support, Prosper202 automatically converts payouts into your local currency.


No matter where you are, you can choose to display reports in your local timezone.

Google Adwords Integration

Prosper202 Marketing Cloud fully integrate with Google Adwords to enable you to track Offline Conversions. With a single click, you’ll have a fully formatted CSV file to upload to Google.

All UTM parameters and the GCLID value are automatically saved in Prosper202 to enable you to run reports based on the UTM parameters you are already familiar with.

Mobile App Deeplinking

Boost conversion rates by deeplinking directly into your app. By reducing friction, your users will be more likely to convert and engage with your apps.

Intelligent Post Click Redirection

Use the Smart Redirector to intelligent redirect clicks based on multiple different factors. Filtered Visitors , C1-C4 value, t202kw value, utm variables value, value in Smart Redirector

Click Tracking Macros

We have an extensive collection dynamic macros for use all through our the system. All macros are replaced with dynamic values in real-time as needed

World Class Support

Get access to live chat support during business hours, or help yourself with our extensive documentation and video tutorials.

Organic SEO Traffic Tracking & Reporting

Prosper202 Marketing Cloud is not just for paid traffic, we support organic traffic the ability to track SEO traffic.

Native Wordpress Plugin

Our Wordpress plugin enables Two-way communications between WP and Prosper202. Instantly setup posts and pages as landing pages, without having to manually setup anything in Prosper202 Marketing Cloud.

Multi User Support

Gut your whole team onboard with our full role based authentication for accounts. There’s no limit to the number of users you may add to your account, and there’s no per seat costs either.

Smart Personalization With Dynamic Content Segments

Personalization has been found to increase conversion rates, however not many businesses take advantage of this powerful fact. We make it extremely easy for you to personalize your landing pages to dynamically displays ISP, Device, Postal code, Geographic location (Country, Region, City, Country Code), Keyword, C1-C4, All utm variable, Browser type, OS and more on your landing page

Slack Integration

Does your team use Slack? You can setup your account to automatically send all events to a Slack Channel of your choice. You and your team will always have up-to-date insights on everything that’s occurring in your account

CPC and CPA Cost tracking

Track your costs by either CPC or CPA. You’ll even be able to dynamically send in costs data on each click.

Accurate Tracking

By using both cookies and device fingerprinting, you are able to get the most accurate attribution of your marketing efforts. This makes your mobile marketing campaigns more accurate.

Advanced Bot Detection

We constantly keep our database of Bots and search engine crawlers up to date to ensure accurate reporting, bot detection and filtering

Extensive HTML5 Based Charting & Reporting

Use HTML5 Charts in your account overview to plot and analyze multiple data points.

Our DataEngine allows you to run, group and filter reports on multiple dimensions and metrics.

Reporting API

Integrate with your backend system by accessing your reports via our API.

Usability enhancements: Get Work Done Quickly

Quickly filter and find campaigns, tracking links and more. Edit your tracking links after they have been created, eliminating the need to get your ads re-approved when you need to make campaign changes. Setup new campaigns by copying and tweaking an existing campaign instead of creating a new one from scratch.