Prosper202 Self-Hosted Tracking ClickServer & Analytics Platform For Digital Marketers

Prosper202 Instantly Uncovers & Grows Your Best Marketing Channels

Prosper202 provides top digital marketers with leading edge Cloud & On-Premise Platform for attribution, tracking, optimizing and scaling out digital marketing campaigns of all sizes!

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Powerful reports automatically pinpoint the channels, keywords and placements providing the best ROI. You'll know where to allocate marketing budgets to grow revenue, while eliminating wasted ad spend.

Full Multi-Device Tracking and Attribution You'll intelligently segmegment campaigns by device type, allowing you to serve up the optimal experience and message to your customers.

A/B Split Testing Run unlimited weighted split tests to discover your best marketing message and offer. Once a winner is found, you can easily pause the non-converting tests and automatically send all clicks to the winning campaign.

Optimized For Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more. Easily track Facebook and AdWords Campaigns, to your store and know in real-time how many sales are being generated.


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