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So you wanted self-hosted ppc tracking software?

Prosper202 provides digital marketers with leading edge self-hosted marketing dashboard for tracking and optimizing your campaigns! The only effect this software will have on your bottom line is a positive one.

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Find a Web Host and get great hosting while supporting Prosper202 at the same time.

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From the Blog

We Made Prosper202 Pro 1000000X Faster

One of the biggest requests we've had from you was to make the reports in Prosper202 faster, and to find a solution to the problem of having to delete data from your database to speed things up. We went to work and spent many months perfecting this, and we think you are going to blown away ... more

Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers - January 2015

.better { color: #27AE60; font-weight: bold; } .worse { color: #C0392B; font-weight: bold; } It's a new year and time for our monthly reports on the top networks used by Prosper202 marketers. Since this is no longer the first report we are now adding a new metric to th... more

A Guaranteed Way To Dominate in 2015

I want you to keep one thing in mind this year, and base all your actions on this one truth. Data is King* *But not all data is created equal Google is the leading search engine because they have and return the best data to their users. Successful people seek out the best data and take ac... more