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Prosper202 provides top digital marketers with leading edge on-premise marketing dashboard and attribution tool for tracking, optimizing and scaling out digital marketing campaigns of all sizes! Join the tens of thousands of marketers already benefiting from the power of Prosper202 Pro .

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Prosper202 Pro Version 1.9.26 Is Live

We recently pushed Prosper202 1.9.26 live to the download servers, and already have a lot of users who have upgraded to this new release. For upgraders, apart from a few bug fixes, we do not have many new additions but if you are doing a fresh install of Prosper202 you will benefit from a h... more

How To Boost Profits With Intelligent Rules Based Redirects

Have you ever paid for desktop traffic and found you are getting clicks from mobile devices. Or maybe you bought clicks for specific geographic locations only to see that you are getting traffic for geos you don't want. Until now, you probably wasted those clicks as a cost of doing business... more

Setting Up An A/B Split-Test With Prosper202 Pro

We've had a built-in way to simply rotate offers in Prosper202 for a while now, however the ability to easily split-test things such as landing pages, or assign different weights to the individual links and offers was a little more complex and often involved manually editing a php script of... more

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