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So you wanted self-hosted ppc tracking software?

Prosper202 provides digital marketers with leading edge self-hosted marketing dashboard for tracking and optimizing your campaigns! The only effect this software will have on your bottom line is a positive one.

New to our services? Learn more about Prosper202, then follow the three easy steps below to self host our software in minutes.

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Find a Web Host and get great hosting while supporting Prosper202 at the same time.

Download & Install Prosper202 with our fast 5-minute installation and uprade with 1-Click upgrade wizard.

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Traditionally Prosper202 has been geared towards affiliates running offers with CPA networks. But how about the people on the other side of the equation? I'm talking about the advertisers/Product creators How do you quickly setup offers with the CPA Networks, track sales coming from each n... more

This simple tweak produces huge results

One of the simplest and most profitable conversion boosters you can make to a funnel or landing page is to add geo location data to personalize the experience. In fact, just recently I read a post on Neil Patel's blog where he mentions he was able to add an extra $187,000 in revenue from ... more

Announcing Our New Slack Integration for Prosper202 Pro

Over the past few months, our small team has rapidly started to love and depend on Slack on a daily basis. We use it to communicate, stay updated and work more efficiently. In another blog post, I'll go into more details on how we work together as a remote team. As we got to integrate Slac... more