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It is Time To Shake Up The Way SaaS Trackers are Priced

There's one thing that really bugs me about spending money on services and products. It's the terrible feeling that I'm being massively overcharged for the services I pay for. Don't you hate it when that happens? Especially with SaaS services It's Time To Shake Up The Pricing Model of S... more

Is This The Next Mobile Affiliate Gold Rush? - Prosper202 Quick Picks Issue #31

Prosper202 Quick Picks Issue #31 Mobile Marketing Apple's New Search Ads Go Live Tomorrow and they have a $100 ad credit for new advertisers. However, Search Ads are only available to developers with active apps, I expect this trend of mobile advertising solutions that cater only to the a... more

Facebook Canvas Just became even more awesome - Prosper202 Quick Picks Issue #27

Prosper202 Quick Picks - 3 Quick Actionable Marketing and Business Articles To Start Your Day: Issue #27 SEO Tips Here's a way to get extra attention and clicks to your listings in Google's SERPs. Google is now highlighting pages with a lightning bolt icon if they have been AMP'd via the... more