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Prosper202 1.9.46 Solves Your Most Frustrating Affiliate Challenges

There are many frustrating aspects to affiliate marketing. From finding offers, to scaling and more. But some of the unnecessary frustrations are mainly related to human errors or lack of knowledge when it comes to the whole offer setup process in your tracking ClickServer like Prosper202. ... more

Announcing Prosper202 1.9.43 - Download Now

Today, I'd like to highlight a handful of the new features you can use right now in the new Prosper202 Self-Hosted ClickServer version 1.9.43.   Excited? You Can Get Prosper202 1.9.43 Here Here's a full list of all the changes since version 1.9.30 (the last free... more

This 30 Second Trick is Like Getting EXTRA FREE MONEY From Your Affiliate Campaigns

In today's video, I'd like to show you the 30 second money getting step you must absolutely do as soon as you upgrade to Prosper202 version 1.9.43. For some of you, this simple tweak, will pay for your Prosper202 upgrade in 24 hours or less.   Excited? You Can G... more