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New Super Fast Offer Setup With Prosper202 Pro DNI

One problem we see affiliates struggling with on an almost daily basis is the setting up of tracking links, postbacks and pixels for a new offer. At best it takes a few minutes, in the worst cases we've seen it take weeks and months of back and forth. When you add up all the money that's no... more

Prosper202 Pro ClickServer Software Is Now 100% Free To All

Today is a day for many big announcements from us. First off, we are getting rid of Prosper202 Lite and replacing it with Prosper202 Pro. This means that from now on there will only be one free version of Prosper202, and it will be Prosper202 Pro. Yes that's correct. Starting today, our mos... more

Solution: Mac Keyboard input not working on AWS Workspaces

Most of my dev work is done on my Mac, but every once in a while I need to check out stuff on a PC or from another computer. For that I use Amazon Workspaces. This is also a great solution for foreign affiliates that need a US based ip and machine for testing geo restricted offers. A few da... more

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