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Prosper202 Tracks & Optimizes All Your Marketing Campaigns In One Convenient App

Prosper202 provides top digital marketers with leading edge on-premise marketing dashboard and attribution tool for tracking, optimizing and scaling out digital marketing campaigns of all sizes! Join the tens of thousands of marketers already benefiting from the power of Prosper202 Pro .

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Tip: Test & Optimize Mobile Landing Pages On Your Desktop

I'm sure you've heard everyone saying, mobile is growing quickly. About 87% of Facebook traffic is mobile and mobile ads bring in up to 73% of Facebook's advertising revenue. As an affiliate, or marketer in general, you are leaving a lot of money on the table by not optimizing your funnel... more

Top CPA Networks According to Prosper202 Marketers - Q2 2015

.better { color: #27AE60; font-weight: bold; } .worse { color: #C0392B; font-weight: bold; } Half the year is over and it is time to take a look at which CPA networks are growing the fastest and also which ones are the most popular with Prosper202 users. When we first... more

What's The Difference Between Prosper202 Pro and Prosper202?

Today we are launching Prosper202 Pro out of the early release program and making it available to everyone. We've spent many months working on Prosper202 Pro because we wanted to give you a world class, expandable, self-hosted marketing platform to build and scale your marketing campaigns a... more

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